Report out: Colorado River at Bastrop with Kevin Hutchison, June 26

Great trip with Kevin H down the Colorado River.  Twelve members fishing, beautiful weather, outstanding lunch, and quite the variety of fish caught.  A trip worth taking.  See the full post for more details.

We started our day at Fisherman’s Park in Bastrop.  After gearing up and shuttling cars to the take-out point, we hit the water around 9 am. The weather was clear and hot, with just enough wind to keep you paddling.  Kevin provided us with great fishing advice and a handful of his top flies, both topwater and subsurface.  Not long after launching, I heard the familiar “fish on” and the day was started.

The rafts and kayaks quickly spaced out, and fly lines began to hit the water.  The temperature got hot quickly.  The fishing was slow but steady, with the water moving quite slowly.  A variety of fish were caught:  bass, sunfish, garfish, and catfish.  The trip was a total of six river miles, and we did three before lunch and three after lunch.

Lunch was outstanding….Kevin provided quite the smorgasbord to choose from and if you left hungry, that was on you.  Good food and good conversation.

We got back on the river for the afternoon and results were similar to the morning.  The river was busy with watercraft, mostly kayaks and canoes out for a recreational paddle.  In both morning and afternoon, most of the fish were caught on subsurface flies that were provided by Kevin.

We reached our take out point, Lost Pines Boat Ramp, at around 430.  The area was quite busy with people in the river enjoying the sun, listening to music, and just “splashing around”.  The ramp area was an easy take out, and we all repacked quite nicely for the return home.

The outing was a great success, thanks in particular to Kevin and Jacob, as well as to all the participants.  We will do this again.  Enjoy the pics below:

2 thoughts on “Report out: Colorado River at Bastrop with Kevin Hutchison, June 26

  1. Excellent recap by John. It was a very enjoyable 6 mile float on one of my top river stretches. Kevin Hutchison provided the organization and a river side lunch that resembled eating at Luby’s.


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