October 2016 Monthly Meeting Speaker; Fly Fishing Cuba, Filippo Invernizzi

002 Our Speaker for the October 25,2016 monthly meeting will be Filippo Invernizzi.  Filippo is the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Avalon Outdoor, a specialized tourism enterprise founded in 1992 and located in Cuba. Originally from Italy, Filippo has dedicated most of his life to managing and promoting sustainable fly fishing. In Cuba, he was among the first to make the business case for conservation with the marine protected area of Gardens of the Queen and 5 more Marine parks.  So if you are interested in learning about fly fishing opportunities in Cuba or just want to socialize with some friendly fly fishermen and women, come on out to the October, 2016 monthly meeting.  We would be glad to have you.

Wade Fly Fishing Gear for the salt?

Q hooked up

My grab and go list for wade fly fishing  saltwater is:

  1. Rod, reel, and line  (stating the obvious here)
  2. License
  3. Pill jar with extra flies, 3-5 flies
  4. Extra tippet
  5. Fish lipper (Boga for me)
  6. Pliers, with cutters
  7. Camera
  8. GPS and sending unit


For clothing, and sun protection

  1. Long sleeve shirt
  2. Long pants
  3. Boots, and possibly waders in the winter
  4. Packable wind/rain jacket (weather dependent)
  5. Buff
  6. Sun gloves
  7. Full brim hat
  8. Sunscreen


What are your additions or disagreements?



Toledo Bend Annual Rendezvous – Nov 4-6, 2016

Invitation from Walter McClendon of the Pinewoods Fly Fishers 

Welcome again to the North Toledo Bend Rendezvous! Ttoledo-bend-annual-rendezvous-1he date is Friday afternoon, November 4th thru Sunday morning, November 6th, 2016. Rendezvous is the result of several fly fishermen gathering to fish and tie flies at the state park many years ago. After a couple of years of growing pains they found the park’s group facility. And what a facility indeed!
A capacity of 150 people in 5 heated log bunkhouses (30 beds each), a heated central shower and restroom building with nice night lighting on all the sidewalks and a large main log building with A/C, a commercial kitchen, dining hall, fireplace, a long front porch, picnic table and a large barbecue trailer out front.

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Walter McClendon admiring Fred Hannie’s incredibly realistic flies