Puck’s Dependable Dozen


These are the flies that I depend on to catch fish reliably in freshwater.

  1. Spider
    1. This is my go-to fly in most warm-water top-water action. A lot of insects fit the general body shape of this fly.  It has caught bluegill, crappie, bass, catfish, and cichlids.  I tie it in yellow for me to be able to see it.
  2. Sam’s One Bug
    1. This popper makes a lot of noise, and is very easy to tie. I strip this fly quickly as soon as it lands in the water.  Others let it sit, and slowly pop it back.
  3. Hare-E
    1. Use this like a jig. Light tippet, 4-6 lb test, will let it sink deeper.
  4. Ligon
    1. Let it sink, then twitch it. This fly gets swallowed.
  5. Bully spider
    1. This fly sinks bend down. Sometimes I use this as a dropper.
  6. Squirrelly
    1. A small minnow imitator. It rides hook point up, and the dry fly hook bends out when it rarely gets snagged.
  7. Bendback
    1. Throw this into the grass, the trees, and rocks. Then slowly drag if out.  It rides hook point up, so there is nothing to hang up.  Black and purple are my favorite colors for this fly.
  8. Pete’s Gurgle Pop Popper.
    1. Base off of Gartside’s popper, it makes plenty of noise, and is easy to tie.
  9. Simple shad
    1. When the shad are in the shallows, this is the fly to throw.
  10. Cypert’s Minnow, modified
    1. The body shape can easily be modified from thick to thin, based on the forage in the waters fished. I use this one most of the time for white bass.
  11. BBBF
    1. This is my go-to largemouth bass fly. It sinks slow and pushes water well.
  12. Clouser
    1. This classic should be included in every fly collection.


Gila Wilderness Horse trip for Gila Trout in New Mexico, July 2017


Texas FlyFishers’ member Chris Bruttig is looking for interested members to join him on a fishing trip on horseback to the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico in July 2017.

Here’s Chris’ invitation…

I am putting together a horse packing trip into the Gila Wilderness for Gila Trout .We would be departing near Cliff Dwelling New Mexico.  It would be a total of 8 days on the trail.

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Willow Waterhole sampling shows a thriving fishery


I participated in a fish sampling this past Tuesday and was amazed at the quality of the fishery that exists at the WILLOW WATERHOLE. img_2028We collected a variety of species including some large mouth bass, check out this nice specimen being displayed by Alice Best, fishery biologist with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries Department. We also saw Sunfish, Shad, Tilapia, Carp and Armored Catfish.

The fish were in catchable numbers and size to justify a nice morning or afternoon’s effort.

Any one needing directions or tips on the fishing please feel free to call me . Mike Frankoff- 713-553-3003



Monthly Meeting Speaker, November 29, 2016-Joe Nicklo

joe1_largeOur Monthly Speaker for the November 29, 2016 will be club member, Joe Nicklo who will be telling us about fly fishing the Green River, Flaming Gorge, Utah. Joe has fished the Flaming Gorge and is familiar with the fly fishing techniques and strategies which are available to the angler who chooses to fish those waters. So, if you are interested in what the Flaming Gorge in the state of Utah has to offer for the fly fishing angler or just want to mingle and socialize with others who are interested in fly fishing, come to the November 2016 meeting we would be glad to have you.