Wade Fly Fishing Gear for the salt?

My grab and go list for wade fly fishing  saltwater is:

  1. Rod, reel, and line  (stating the obvious here)
  2. License
  3. Pill jar with extra flies, 3-5 flies
  4. Extra tippet
  5. Fish lipper (Boga for me)
  6. Pliers, with cutters
  7. Camera
  8. GPS and sending unit


For clothing, and sun protection

  1. Long sleeve shirt
  2. Long pants
  3. Boots, and possibly waders in the winter
  4. Packable wind/rain jacket (weather dependent)
  5. Buff
  6. Sun gloves
  7. Full brim hat
  8. Sunscreen


What are your additions or disagreements?



SPOT trackers

I do enough remote hiking and fishing that I’m strongly considering purchasing a SPOT tracker.  I know that there are a few club members out there that use them (Puck, Harry C).  It looks like there’s a choice of two of them.  Anything you can share that might help me with my buying decision?