Supporters of TFF (Guides, Commercial Sponsors, Individuals)

The below organizations (with links) and people have been great supporters of the Texas Flyfishers of Houston.  They have generously donated a variety of activities/items/time to make our club successful, both through the year (s) and at our Annual Auction.  We appreciate their support, and encourage you to remember their generousity when planning your personal outings.

Black River Outfitters
Fly Fish Rockport – Capt Jeff Johnson
Hill Country Flyfishers – Kevin Hutchinson

Metro Anglers – Mark Marmon
Pro Fisher Flies – Capt Andy Pfannkuche 
Silver King Lodge

Snook on a Hook – Mark Machado
WOW Fly Fishing – Capt Stacy Lynn

Buck’s Bags
Custom Deer Hair Flies
Dr. Slick Co
Salty Fly Tying – Drew Chicone
Dyna-King, Inc

Fair Flies – Wasatch Custom Angling Products
Fly Furniture c/o Wapsi Fly, Inc
Good Loops – Harry Crafton
Gordy and Sons
Metz Feathers
Ross Reels
Scotty Manufacturing
Steve Whitlock Game Fish Art – Steve Whitlock
Taste of Texas
Whiting Farms
Yellowstone Rods

Chris Sumers
Don Hanselman
Don Puckett
Eric Richardson
Harry Crofton – Good Loops

Howard Finley
Jerry “Buggywhip” Loring

Jim Richards
John Eldred

John Purcell
Joe Nicklo
Marcos Enriquez

Mary Kay and Skip Donavan
Matt Sherwood
Michael and Tracy Quigley
Southside Flycasting – Ron Mayfield
Steve Edwards
Ted Christiansen

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