2021 Fresh and Salt Water Outing Dates and Trip Leaders

The 2021 trips and dates are highlighted below.  Specific details of the trips will be posted as the trip date is “Firm”, as designated in the table below.  

2021 Freshwater Outings

Date Outing Name/Trip Leader Details
Jan 16     Firm
Lake Bastrop Day Trip / John Eldred
Day trip to Lake Bastrop, North Campground,  Meet at 630am: 
Post: Click here
Feb  17    Cancelled POSTPHONED:  Nueces River / John Eldred

Weekday trip (Wed):  Target White Bass in the shallows of the Nueces River: 

Mar 12-14
Harmon Creek – John Eldred

Camp Fri and Sat nights.  Fish for white bass on Sat, and possibly Sun.  Cabins/tent sites available.

April 17 Firm John Scarborough Sunfish Spectacular / Tracy Quigley

Family outing at Damon 7 Lakes 
Post:  Click here

May 21-23

South Llano Float trip / Puck Puckett

Float the South Llano for Guadalupe Bass and Rio Grand Perch:  Bon Ton Roulet Campground 
Post: Click here

June   OPEN  
July   OPEN  
Aug    OPEN  
Sept    OPEN  
Oct 15 -17 Oktoberfisch Texas Hill Country Flyfishers Club’s annual fly fishing celebration and festival.  Link Here

Nov 14

Annual Auction  

2021 Saltwater Outings

Date Outing Name/Trip Leader Details

Jan 23    Cancelled

Lavaca River / Michael Quiqley and Don Hanselman

CANCELLED:  Launch at Friels boat ramp in Lolita and make a quick run to the salt for winter reds.
Post:  Click here                                         

Feb 6
Stripes and Spots – Port O’Connor / Jesse Pate 

Sheepshead day trip out of Clark’s Marina, Port O’Connor 
Post:  Click here

Mar 20  
 West Galv Bay: Waterman Marina /Howard Finley

Day trip to West Galveston Bay:  Waterman Marina
Post:  Click here

April 10

Shoalwater Bay / John Eldred Launch out of Charlie’s Bait Camp for bay fishing.
Post:  Click Here

April 30 – May 2

May 20-23  Firm Rescheduled from 2020

Yarborough Pass / Tim Stokley


Chandeleur Isls / Scott Fossum and John Eldred

Yarborough Pass trip, Fri – Sun
Post:  Click Here


Chandeleur Isl trip from 2020, rescheduled into 2021

June 19 Tentative Brown and Root Flats/TBD

Kayak B&R flats, Rockport

July  OPEN           
Aug  OPEN  
Sept  OPEN  
Oct (Sept) 29-3     Tentative Chandeleur Isls / TBD

Sept 29-Oct 3; DMJ Charters out of Pass Christian, Miss  2.5 day trip.  Currently RESERVED BUT NOT PAID             

Nov 14

Annual Auction  


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