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Event: Guadalupe One Fly 

As of 2017-01-26-1400

Unfortunately due to the continued 600cfs flow rate on the river, we will have to postpone the trip once again. The water levels are not conducive to bringing a group to the river and fishing safely. Of course they could change the flows tomorrow but its just not predictable. i even called Action angler to find out info and they are in the dark also regarding the output from the dam. We will discuss an alternative date at the club meeting next Tuesday night. I believe there are still 1 or 2 guides available to float the river this weekend (which is much safer) so if you want info let me know.
Notwithstanding, i will be up there this weekend (as already cancelled last week and i dont have too many weekends left before the family arrive back from the UK) so will be at Lucky`s on Friday evening as planned (7pm) if anyone would like to join me. I will probably fish on Saturday if i can find any decent water.
Sorry again to be the bearer of bad news,

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Toledo Bend Annual Rendezvous – Nov 4-6, 2016

Invitation from Walter McClendon of the Pinewoods Fly Fishers 

Welcome again to the North Toledo Bend Rendezvous! Ttoledo-bend-annual-rendezvous-1he date is Friday afternoon, November 4th thru Sunday morning, November 6th, 2016. Rendezvous is the result of several fly fishermen gathering to fish and tie flies at the state park many years ago. After a couple of years of growing pains they found the park’s group facility. And what a facility indeed!
A capacity of 150 people in 5 heated log bunkhouses (30 beds each), a heated central shower and restroom building with nice night lighting on all the sidewalks and a large main log building with A/C, a commercial kitchen, dining hall, fireplace, a long front porch, picnic table and a large barbecue trailer out front.

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Walter McClendon admiring Fred Hannie’s incredibly realistic flies



South Llano River float trip, 2017-06-23, Lodging confirmed


Work in progress.  Livery still need to be confirmed, as of 2016-10-14. 
River conditions need to be checked a few days before the event.

Texas FlyFishers of Houston Event:  South Llano River float trip
When:     23-25th of June, 2017
Where:       Junction, Tx

Limited to 15 spots in the cabins.  Deposit for lodging locks the spot. 
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