Trout in the Classroom – Fish Release


The trout in the classroom project conducted the fish release for all the TFF sponsored tanks on the horseshoe section of the Guadalupe on April 28th. Over all the schools released over 1200 trout around the 2-3in long mark. We had several teachers, students and parents in attendance. This marks the end of another successful program and one that has grown from one tank in one school to now 14 tanks spread across Houston from Deer Park to Klein Collins. We will start again in early January of 2019!


Trout In the Classroom Release Date

As you can see the club trout tanks continue to do well. We have lined up a release date for the fish in the Guadalupe on April 28th. This was the only date that I could coordinate between 7 different high schools where most could attend – however we may end up having more than one release if needed. If any club members are able to attend the release then please let me know!





Trout in the Classroom

As you can see our baby trout continue to do well and are now looking like miniature rainbows, complete with par marks and white tipped fins. We had a few loses over spring break but the majority came through without issue. Hard to believe we are already getting close to release time and are targeting the end of April or early May as potential dates. If any club members would like to attend the release (on the Guad) then please contact me directly and let me know!



Trout in the Classroom Update

A quick video update  – once again we had close to a 100% hatch rate from the eggs (there are always a few who don’t make it far at this stage) and so far all 13 tanks have healthy young trout, now feeding and ready for release from the eggs traps into the tank it’s self. Wont be long now before they color up and develop par marks!



2018 Trout In the Classroom Project

The 2018 Trout in the classroom project began last Thursday when I collected roughly 1300 trout eggs from TU and delivered them to this year’s schools. Thanks to the donations from TFF we are now up to 13 Houston area science classrooms running trout tanks. This year’s schools are as follows:

  1. Katy HS – Kathleen Brown
  2. Katy HS – Coach Williams
  3. Katy HS – Jennifer Greenland
  4. Seven Lakes HS – Carlton Colmenares
  5. Mayde Creek HS – Sharon Carswell
  6. Mayde Creek HS – Ashley Griffiths (new)
  7. Mayde Creek HS – Helena Townsend (new)
  8. Cy Lakes HS – Eileen Gariepy
  9. Morton Ranch HS – Leigh Anne Colonna
  10. Morton Ranch HS – Gene Smith (new)
  11. Deer Park HS – Kirby Schmidt
  12. Klein Collins HS – David Henderson
  13. Westbury HS – Lauren Gustartis

The classes will be hatching their trout over the next two weeks and growing them on until they reach 2-3in long. As in previous years we will be releasing them on the Guadalupe in early May. I will be posting regular updates on the progress and if anyclub members have questions or would like to get involved in helping out then please give me a call.

Matt (832 444 4206)




Trout in the Classroom Update

Hello everyone! Just a quick update to let you know that the 10 TFF sponsored trout in the classroom tanks are still going strong. Most of the trout are now free swimming and growing fast. If anyone has questions or would like to help out with the program then please give me a call.

Matt Blyth (832 444 4206)

2017 Trout in the Classroom

The TFF sponsored 2017 Trout in the Classroom project got off to a flying start last week. Thanks to the kind donations from TFF through the club fund raising and also with three new schools acquiring the necessary equipment themselves, we are now up to TEN tanks in high schools across Houston! This is a doubling in size of the project in one year and all the new teachers signed on after hearing about the success of tanks in our classrooms through their school system. We now have tanks in the following schools:

  1. Katy HS – Ms Kathleen Brown (Aquatic Science)
  2. Katy HS – Coach Williams (Aquatic Science)
  3. Katy HS – Jennifer Greenland (Aquatic Science)
  4. Mayde Creek HS – Sharon Carswell (Aquatic Science)
  5. Morton Ranch HS – Leigh Anne Colonna (Aquatic Science)
  6. Seven Meadows HS – Carlton Colmenares (AP Environmental Science)
  7. Klein Collins HS – David Henderson (AP Environmental Science)
  8. Cypress Lakes HS – Eileen Gariepy (Aquatic Science)
  9. Westbury HS – Lauren Gustartis (World Geography)
  10. Deer Park HS – Kirby Schmidt (Aquatic Science)

As usual the rainbow trout eggs were supplied by Trout Unlimited and came from a hatchery in Washington state. Each school received approximately 100 eggs and some have already started to hatch. Over the next few months I will keep everyone updated with their progress. Meanwhile if you have any questions then feel free to get in touch with me.

Matt Blyth (8324444206)

Trout in the Classroom Release Date


The TFF sponsored 2016 Trout in the Classroom project continues to progress well with the trout growing on in all 5 tanks. After much discussion with the teachers involved and with TU we have decided on a release date on May 7th. I realize this clashes with the club auction and so I understand if no club members will be able to join us on the Guad that day, however it is the only weekend in all of May where at least one of the schools does not have prom and so its the best date for student attendance. If any club members are around the area we will be meeting in Sattler at noon for lunch and then releasing the fish into the river soon after. Call me on 832 444 4206 if you would like to be involved.



Trout In the Classroom Update

This year’s TFF sponsored Trout in the Classroom project continues to be a success. All the eggs have now hatched and the trout have progressed to the free swimming stage and are starting to develop their park marks. All five tanks are doing well, with only normal losses for this stage.

We will be looking to release the fish when they reach the 3″ stage, which should be around mid May.  The release will occur on the trophy trout section of the Guadalupe and will be supported by Trout Unlimited. Any club members who are interested are welcome to attend and help out. I will post details on the website when we confirm the date.



2016 Trout in the Classroom project kicks off

The 2016 TFF sponsored Trout in the Classroom project got off to a flying start in late January and early February with the arrival of approximately 500 rainbow trout eggs for our Houston high school classrooms. This year we added a 5th tank to the program and so now we have systems up and running in science class rooms in Seven Meadows HS, Mayde Creek HS and two in Katy HS in Katy ISD and now one new tank in Cypress Lakes HS in Cy-Fair ISD. The trout eggs have now almost completed hatching and I will be updating everyone on their progress as we go.

The Trout in the Classroom project is a Trout Unlimited outreach project designed to help foster children’s interest in coldwater conservation issues, aquatic ecology, fish biology and hopefully in fly fishing too. Each year TFF has donated the funds to buy a full tank set up for a Houston classroom and the Guadalupe River chapter of TU has provided the trout eggs. The students raise the eggs up to fingerlings and then each spring we release them into the managed trout fishery section of the Guadalupe below Canyon Lake. GRTU coordinates several Trout in the Classroom projects over the south Texas and Hill Country areas, of which the TFF sponsored program is the largest. If anyone wants more details on the program they can be found at