Texas FlyFishers’ members support a variety of causes including Reel Recovery and Trout in the Classroom.

3 thoughts on “Outreach

  1. Hi, my name is Cal. My family and I are taking a trip from Idaho to Austin, then to Galveston in mid June and was wondering if there were any places/ tips you could offer to help my success a little. I would like to catch some salt water species(redfish/seatrout or whatever).I won’t be able to afford a guide. I have never salt water fished, so I have no idea what flies to use. Looks like crab and shrimp patterns from the research I have been doing. Or if there some good fresh water fishing opportunities around those areas would be open to checking one or two of those as well. Any info/help would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.


  2. Got the fly today,, I will give to my granddaughter,, She used the spider at Ellington Field pond the day we took Cynthia to eye doctor.. we went fly fishing.. She was like a pro, cast long the edge of grass and wait until it disappeard.. I was using a different fly and she was catch two of my one.. so I changed to another one of you spiders.. The bass on every cast.. The pond is fun to fish…hardly anyone fishes it..


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