Texas FlyFishers’ members support a variety of causes including Reel Recovery and Trout in the Classroom.

3 thoughts on “Outreach

  1. Hi, my name is Cal. My family and I are taking a trip from Idaho to Austin, then to Galveston in mid June and was wondering if there were any places/ tips you could offer to help my success a little. I would like to catch some salt water species(redfish/seatrout or whatever).I won’t be able to afford a guide. I have never salt water fished, so I have no idea what flies to use. Looks like crab and shrimp patterns from the research I have been doing. Or if there some good fresh water fishing opportunities around those areas would be open to checking one or two of those as well. Any info/help would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.


    • How many people are you talking about? I know of a few very good places to wade fish, and I’m sure others of the club do also. In my opinion you only need one fly for the salt in Galveston Bay (https://vimeo.com/239025134). And by stating that, the discussion begins. “Puck”


  2. Got the fly today,, I will give to my granddaughter,, She used the spider at Ellington Field pond the day we took Cynthia to eye doctor.. we went fly fishing.. She was like a pro, cast long the edge of grass and wait until it disappeard.. I was using a different fly and she was catch two of my one.. so I changed to another one of you spiders.. The bass on every cast.. The pond is fun to fish…hardly anyone fishes it..


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