Women’s Fly Fishing Workshop and Picnic, June 26, 2021; Female Club Members and Friends Enjoy and Learn

Club Female Members and Friends, all of whom are fly anglers, learned and socialized at the Women’s Fly Fishing Workshop and Picnic held June 26, 2021. The workshop was organized and led by Captain Stacy Lynn who was assisted by Texas Fly Fishers members Corinne Bedaw and Patsy Brown and with encouragement from club member Piper Turner who was in the organizational loop but was unable to attend due to a conflict.

From how to put a rod together to technique:  pick up and lay down casts, false casting and shooting lines to equipment/gear (from fresh to salt water): how to try &  buy boots, waders; questions to ask when in a fly shop; fly fishing seasons in Texas, fly selection, how to clean/store your gear/flies – you name it, the full spectrum of the fly fishing sport was covered at this workshop.

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