There are still some spots open for the Chandeleur Islands trip, Sept 30-Oct 3, 2021

There is still room aboard for this one of a kind fishing trip. This is a 2.5 day trip to the Chandeleur Islands with DMJ Charters.  Minimum 10/maximum 12 people.  The trip is:  Spend Thurs night (Sept 30) on the “mother ship.  Depart for Chandeleur Islands and fish on Fri, Sat, then Sun till 10am.  … Continue reading There are still some spots open for the Chandeleur Islands trip, Sept 30-Oct 3, 2021

Postponed Sabine River, Generation Canal, 29-31st October 2021

Fishing the Sabine River below the generation canal.  We plan to fish the generation canal,.  Launch and take-out will be the new boat launch on the generation canal. Species targeted are , LMG, KLMB, yellow sunfish, white bass, gar (3 species), catfish (2 species) and, if extremely lucky, striped bass. We will have access to a larger (1200sf) cabin, and camping facilities. One bed is already claimed, but there is another bed and multiple spots in the main room still open. We will also be able to put multiple tents up in the immediate area. If the generation canal is unfishable, due to high flow, we still have "coldwater" and the lake.

Trip report, South Llano River float trip, 2021

We chose to launch at the second crossing, with a launch start of 0730. Everything was working fairly well. 2 pots of coffee were quickly consumed with the breakfast casserole that Larry made. This year we chose to once again do the livery on our own. Load as many kayaks on trailers and run up to the launch point. Unload everything, bring the trailers back, and have only one car drop off the trailer haulers. It almost worked too. Next year, we should be able to do a bit better. The first pool had every single one of us stop and fish. For some reason we never do get by this spot easily. Once we starting catching fish, the pressure of the "skunk" was off, and the group was relaxed enough to continue downstream. More, and pictures, below......

Brown and Root Flats – Outing report, June 19, 2021

Nine Fishers from the club participated in the Brown and Roots Flats outing in Port Aransas.  Fishing conditions were exceptional for sight fishing and fly casting.  Winds ranged from calm to 5 knots and sunshine and limited cloud cover allowed for outstanding visibility in the clear water with visibility to the bottom throughout the flat.  The water system was very healthy with many sightings of Atlantic Rays, sheepsheads, redfish, black drum and of course mullets.  There were vigorous growths of sea grass and sea lettuce too.  Surprisingly, there were very few other fishers on the flats and the club had it almost exclusively to ourselves.

Celebration, 24th July, 2021, looking for a few volunteers

Our club was founded in 1976 so we have made plans to celebrate the founding's 45th anniversary this July 24th at a fairly local state park. The state park has a fishable lake. Boats, kayaks, canoes, etc. can all be launched. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, drinks, will be provided. We also plan to have door prizes, and more, on hand. Evite link sent out to members in good standing as of 2021-06-04.