TFF books for sale, updated 2020-05-28

Nilo has been busy listing even more.  There are milk crates of books in storage that have been donated over the years.  From what I can guess there are probably a thousand, or so, books.  Sitting in storage does no good for our coffers, or your library.

Since the auction has been postponed, we are looking at other opportunities to use these books, that have been donated over the years, as an additional source of income for our club.

The plan is to sell the books and have the proceeds go into the Texas FlyFishers' funds, directly befitting our club, and you.

South Llano float trip, update 2020-05-20

Good news!  I've checked with our host and this trip is ready to go!

This trip is coming up and there are just a few open spots in the cabins.  The good news is that there are still plenty of camping spots.

Texas FlyFishers of Houston Event:  South Llano River float trip
When:     12-14 June, 2020
Where:       171 KC 150, Junction, Tx

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