CANCELLED Summer Fly Fishing Expo, 26th August, 2017

Mark your calendar for the 9th Annual Texas FlyFishers Mini Expo on Saturday, August 26th. The venue for this year’s event will be held at the Terrace United Methodist Church, 1203 Wirt Road, Houston, Texas 77055 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and it is open to the public.

Texas FlyFishers will showcase:

  • Fly Casting Demonstrations and Instruction
  • Fly Tying Demonstrations and Instruction
  • Wildlife carvings by Jim Lowdermilk
  • Displays and presentations on various facets of fly fishing


When: Saturday, August 26, 2017 – 9am-4pm

Where:  Terrace Unity Methodist Church – 1203 Wirt Road, Houston ( Google Map )

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How to lead a Texas FlyFishers outing

Finding outing leaders has been an age old challenge for Texas FlyFishers. During a time when we were challenged in 2010,  Treasurer Harry Crofton and Saltwater Outings Chair Chris Sumers put together a presentation that they presented at a monthly meeting.  It’s well done, informative and worthy of a resurrection!

What do you need to know to lead a freshwater or saltwater outing?Lead Outing image 1

Preparing for the outing

  •  Outings Chair has the plan for the outing
  • Become familiar with the published plan
  • Get a list of participants from the Chair
  • Talk to previous leaders
  • If a guide is involved: call and discuss outing and make sure you understand payment arrangements
  • Confirm shuttle arrangements if required
  • Confirm website notice has your contact info
  • Get any last minute changes posted to website
  • Print out extra copies of the blank waiver
  • Get a copy of the club insurance accident report form

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How to sign up for an outing

Outings are initially posted on the homepage and under the Saltwater or Freshwater Outings categories on the website.  We are using to manage the invitation and who is participating.  The details of an outing are published in the Forum category with a link to the Evite for the outing.  There are links to the waiver forms on the on the outing detail posting.

If you are interested in keeping up on comments that fellow members are posting, you simply can choose to automatically receive email updates about other comments on that specific post by checking the checkbox that appears in the comment form.comment-notification-checkbox

You’ll receive an email that looks like the following when someone comments or replies:

Wordpress email notice



Lead a Saltwater Outing

Another in the How-To series…

Leading a Saltwater Outing

The primary duties of the Saltwater Outings Chair are, but not limited to the following:

  • Compile a detailed list of outings and venues for the year
  • Become familiar with the plan
  • Get a list of participants from the Chair
  • Arrive early to the meeting place
  • Ensure that all participants have signed the club waiver
  • Collect any fees associated with the outing
  • Give a briefing on the outing before everyone sets out
  • Review the safety considerations for the outing including PFD requirements
  • If a guide is involved make sure you understand the payment plan and expectations from the guide
  • Stay to the bitter end to ensure everyone is off the water
  • The club provides third party liability insurance
  • Get a copy of the insurance reporting procedure from the Chair
  • Have fun and catch some fish

Download Waiver form