Outings & Calendar

Throughout the year, the Texas FlyFishers offers its members a diverse selection of outings in and around Texas.  Fresh or saltwater, there is something to suit the interests of most fly fishing anglers.  All experience levels are welcome and, this is a great opportunity for the new fly fishers to come learn from FlyFishers with a lifetime of experience.

Event Calendar

Freshwater Outings

Month Outing Name Details
January Guadalupe “Una Mosca” Target Trout on the Guadalupe River, with only one fly.
February Nueces River Target White Bass in the shallows of the Nueces River
March Lake Livingston White Bass Target White Bass in Harmon Creek
April John Scarborough Sunfish Spectacular Family outing at Damon 7 Lakes
May San Marcos Float trip Float the San Marcos for with Kevin H
June South Llano Float trip Float the South Llano for Guadalupe Bass, and Rio Grand Perch
July White Oak Bayou Fish the morning at White Oak Bayou, and possibly again before sundown the same day.
August Open Night fish?
September Garcitas Creek Garcitas Creek as Don H recommends
October Sabine River float trip (The Horseshoe) Fish the generation canal at Toledo Bend targeting LMB, yellow sunfish, gar and more.
November Guadalupe River Target trout on the Guadalupe River

Saltwater Outings

Month Outing Name Details
January Garcitas Creek Launch at Garcitas Creek and make a quick run to the salt for winter reds.
February Prison Permit East Matagorda for sheephead
March Bolivar Marshes Stay at a beach house and fish the Bolivar marshes
April Valley/Port Mansfield Join the Valley in a joint trip
May Redfish Rodeo Rockport Redfish Rodeo
June Fence Lake A day of skinny water kayak and wade fishing in the Fence Lake area
July  POC “Una Mosca” One fly for reds. The game is on.
August Bolivar Yates Bayou and Flats for reds, etc.
September PINS Padre Island National Seashore. Fishing from the surf.
October Louisiana Marshes Joint trip with the Lake Charles club.
November PINS Chasing jacks at PINS.

Learn how to lead an outing.

8 thoughts on “Outings & Calendar

  1. Now that we are working on the 2016 outing calendar, I tried to make an entry, only to get this error.

    “This page can’t be displayed
    •Make sure the web address https://www.google.com is correct.
    •Look for the page with your search engine.
    •Refresh the page in a few minutes.”

    Can anybody help?


  2. 20180303

    someone needs to delete this old stuff
    info on Damon7 this april, never been, is there a fee for members to enter? Has a date been picked.

    would like to go S. llano, big trip, lots of $$$….is there a fee for members. is tent camping permited? has a date been picked?


    • This page is just a generalize list of things we do during the year Freshwater and Saltwater. They’re mostly recurring events. The events are posted on the calendar with some details. When the event is within a few weeks Puck will post something on the homepage and if you’re in our membership email list, an Evite.


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