Texas FlyFishers currently offers five different annual courses and one annual event for the benefit of both the members and the general public. The courses consist of: a 10 week Beginners Fly Tying Course, followed immediately by a 10 week Intermediate Fly Tying course; a two day Rod Building Course; and, a 5 week Fly Fishing Academy. In Addition to these courses, the club has sponsored an Annual Fly Tying Festival for approximately 20 years now.

Fly Fishing Academy

Rod Building Classes

Both Fly-tying Classes

Casting Program

Fly-tying Festival

§  All of these courses are designed with the most basic beginner in mind, and are ‘progressive’ in nature, with each week’s class building on the previous week’s class, leading up to each student having the ability to tie their own flies on their own, build a rod on their own, or, go fishing with confidence. All courses and classes are taught by various club members who have experience, and expertise, in the subject matter.

§  There is a $50.00 registration fee for each of these courses, with registration being the night of the first class, and with acceptance being on a first-come-first served basis. Pre-registrations are not accepted; but, an ‘intent to participate’ note prior to registration is greatly appreciated, as there is a seating limitation for each of the courses.

§  The seating limitation for the two fly tying courses and the Academy is 24. However, as there is always someone, or two, or three, who can’t make a given class, we do accept as many as 27 for each of these courses. The seating capacity for the Rod Building Course is limited to 10, with no exceptions.

§  The two Fly Tying courses, and classes, the Academy, and the Fly Tying Festival are all held at Bethany Christian Church, located at 3223 Westheimer, which is located just across the street east of Lamar High School, and is between Buffalo Speedway and Kirby Drive, north of the SW Freeway.

§  The Rod Building Course classes are held in the Community Center Building in Bayland Park, which is located on Bissonet, just west of the Bissonet/Hillcroft intersection.

§  With the exception of the Rod Building Course, all ‘indoor’ classes are two hour classes and are held from 7:00 to 9:00 pm on their respective meeting days. The exception will be discussed in the respective synopsis of the Course.

3 thoughts on “Education

  1. What days are the Academy scheduled for ? I only see the times posted. (7:00 to 9:00 pm )

    Thanks, JM


  2. Jim,
    The dates for The Fly Fishing Academy for 2018 are as follows:
    Registration Tuesday, 13 March with subsequent classes on March 20, March27 and April 10. These will be on Tuesday at 7:00 PM Bethany Christian Church. The Saturday following each of these dates will have an on water two hour session of casting instruction. Directions will be provided and times at the registration.


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