TFF Officers

Executive Board of Directors
“Puck” Don C. Puckett – President  – email bio
Chris Sumers – Vice President – bio
Michael Quiqley – Treasurer – bio
Eric Richardson- Secretary – bio

Extended Board Members

Dr. Ed Rizzolo Fly Tying Festival Chairman  – Ron Mayfield and Chris Sumers email
Auction Chairman  – Howard Finley
Outings: Freshwater Lead – Tom Strawther;  Saltwater Lead – Taylor Guest
Conservation Chairman – Steve Edwards
Membership Chairman – Bob Brill
Education Chairman – Marcos Enriquez
Casting Instruction Coordinator – Jim Richards
Promotions and Communications – Tracy Quigley
Website – John Eldred & Michael Quigley
Legal Advisor – Jim Richards

Past Presidents

Marcos Enriquez 2013 to 2019
David Lemke 2008 to 2013
Jerry Loring 2003 to 2008
Mike Eberhard 1999 to 2002
Bill Waldron 1997 to 1999
Ken Brumbaugh 1996 to 1997
Bev Edwards 1993 to 1996
Phil Staley 1991 to 1993
Lee Pinon 1990 to 1991
Mark Hollier 1989 to 1990
Wright Guthrie 1988 to 1989
John Scarborough 1984 to 1988
Jim Darby 1983 to 1984
Eliot Tucker 1982 to 1983
Capt Chris Phillips 1981 to 1982
Herb Penning 1980 to 1981
Dan Edwards 1979 to 1980
Norm Crook 1978 to 1979
Bob McConnell 1977 to 1978
Brooks Bouldin 1976 to 1977

2 thoughts on “TFF Officers

  1. …….I met Marcos and Andy at FTU on I-10 with a friend of mine Andrew Jones who is a member of TFF. On the first 15 min. of meeting Marcos and Andy I knew I was…hooked. Both of these guys are…Awesome. At that time they were holding a fly tying class at FTU up stairs. They had tables set up for the class and I watched them teaching the class how to tie flies. It was very interesting watching them explain how to tie the flies and demonstrating the technique to tie them. Let me tell you these guys are a pro. I asked them so many questions on the fly tying and salt water fishing and they had all of the expert answers. Not only had I had questions on the flies but how to make the presentation. They answered every question and I had a lot of them as I am trying to learn more about fly fishing. I gained a ton of information on mostly salt water fly fishing because I did mostly did fresh water fishing. I can’t express enough the amount of knowledge that I gained from these two guys. As you can guess I did join the club and I am very proud to be a member of this club because of Marcos and Andy who took the time and effort to teach me the thing that I didn’t know. Again, these two guys are …Awesome….I just want to thank them personally for what they taught me. And….YES I do go to the FTU classes on every other Saturday to learn more and to listen to their experiences of fly fishing which has helped me out quite a bit……….
    Thank you….Marcos and Andy so very much for your effort to help me.
    …David G. Mihalov 07/17/2016


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