Brown and Root Flats – June 19, 2021

We will meet up at 06:45am at the Hwy 361 launch site. Brown & Root flats is a shallow bay of a few thousand acres with water depths of 6” to 2.5 ft when we will be there. Clear water and sight casting are regular here. This, combined with the grassy and sandy bottom keeps the water clear and should allow you the opportunity to sight cast to fish. The numerous spoil islands and some pipelines should provide ample opportunity to explore the area and enjoy a peaceful day of fishing. Be sure and keep your eyes along the prop scars, the fish like to sneak along these. Wade fishing in general has good bottom. If you’re in mud, move out and you will find firmer wading. Google Earth or maps show good details and can help map out a secret strategy

Stripes and Spots, Sat, Feb 6: Sheepshead and Reds Day trip (Boat and Kayak)

Stripes and Spots, Port of Connor Day trip; Sat, Feb 6; Boat trip for wade fishing and Kayak fishing at Powderhorn Lake

Boat Fishing: Meet at Clarks Marina at 8:00am and launch by 8:15 or 8:30. We’ll fish the marshes and drains on the East end of Espiritu Santo Bay for sheepshead and redfish. Meet back at the launch area at 4pm.
More details to come on available boats as the date gets closer.
Trip Lead: Jesse Pate

Kayak Fishing: Meet at the FM 1289 Bridge at Powderhorn Lake at 8 am.  We will survey the water conditions and either fish Powderhorn Lake or the marshes to the west. 

SLP 2020-10-03 trip report

Nine of us made the San Luis Pass Saltwater outing with the Texas Fly Fishers of Houston on Saturday, October 3rd. We met at 7:00 AM at the San Luis County Park to begin fishing. There were two boats, three kayaks and a paddle board. Two eager fishers (diehards!) had arrived early and waited for the rest of the group to arrive; they were prepped to go! There were many solitary redfish in the marsh but they had the sixth sense. By the time you saw them – they’d seen/heard you and were speeding away at Mach 1! The marsh was really skinny water and consequently there were no motor boats observed there during the outing. Some of the anglers reported good action first thing in the morning but noticed the bite slowed down by about 10 AM.