TFF Youth Member BRADEN SHERWOOD Announced as WINNER of Fly Tying Contest

Fly Tying Contest Winners – Finalist Voting Round Complete 1st place ON APRIL 14, 2020 CLUB YOUTH MEMBER BRADEN SHERWOOD WAS ANNOUNCED AS THE WINNER OF THE FLYMEN FISHING COMPANY MICRO SPINE FLY TYING CONTEST @bradensherwood_: A Micro Feather Game Changer hybrid diver tied with one Micro-Spine Tail Shank, three 6 mm Micro-Spines, and four 8 mm … Continue reading TFF Youth Member BRADEN SHERWOOD Announced as WINNER of Fly Tying Contest

Gurgler style frog, 2020-03-25

Micheal S. gave me a larger version of this frog, and the bass completely destroyed it.

I tinkered with the pattern until I could get the tying down to less than 5 minutes, and here is the result:

Hook:  Size 6 Mustad 3366A
Thread: 240 denier thread to match under-body
Over-body: 3mm closed cell foam cut to 1/2" wide
Legs: Flat rubber legs, 4 strand wide, and 1 strand
Under-body: Chenille, yarn, etc.
Eyes: 4mm dolls eyes
Glue:  Craft glue or CA
Markers for finishing touches.

Kevin Hutchison shares popper head assembly and painting, videos

The object of this series is to show some ideas, and cost savings, when making popper heads. None of the products mentioned are the absolute “best” to buy, or use, but mentioned to only give you some ideas.

The basic approach to this fly was originally published by Jay "Fishy" Fullum as the “single fold popper” in his book Fishy’s Flies, ISBN 0-8117-2616-9.

Kevin has made some modifications. Most notably is the thickness of the foam, 6mm instead of 4mm. Another noted modification is a slit in the foam for the dogleg of the hook to rest in.