Fly of the Month – Lefty’s Craft Fur Shrimp – Tied by Chris Sumers

This simple pattern was developed by Lefty Kreh for bonefish but, it is also a productive pattern for most other saltwater coastal species along with largemouth bass and carp.


Hook: Mustad 3407 DT or, similar saltwater hook, size 6 to 2
Thread: Flat Waxed Nylon, or similar, Tan or Brown Tail: Craft Fur, Tan
Eyes: Medium Bead Chain, Dumbbell Hourglass Lead Eyes or, Black Mono Eyes
Body: Craft Fur guard hairs, Tan or, EP Brush, Tan, ½ inch.
Weed Guard: Mason or, other stiff monofilament, 20- 30# – Optional
Tail Accent: Sharpie, Black, Brown or Red Head Cement or UV Resin

Get the Lefty’s Craft Fur Shrimp tying instructions here

Troy Miller’s Shaddie Clouser, updated

Troy Miller  “The original is on the web (google “Troy shaddie clouser” and you’ll find it). I have a newer recipe with a different tying method but gives about the same result. Quicker and more durable. The new recipe also has three or four variants that is use in different conditions/applications. I still love that fly, it was one of Clarke’s favorites. I tie them with plastic eyes to fish right under the surface (specks over the green lights) to double heavy lead eyes to fish stripers on a sinking line deep in Texoma. And any depth in between. Tied correctly, they never foul.”

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League City Tying Team, March 25th, 2018


Cabela’s is proud to host the League City Tying Team, made up of members from the Texas FlyFishers, Fly Fishers International, and other local anglers.  Come join the group at the table and learn about methods, techniques, and tools, as it relates to tying flies to fish our local Texas waters.  Talk around the table can get lively, and informative, so feel free to ask questions.

The theme for March 25th is “Topwaters.””

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