League City Tying Team, rescheduled

Cabela’s is proud to host the League City Tying Team, made up of members from the Texas FlyFishers, Fly Fishers International, and other local anglers.  Come join the group at the table and learn about methods, techniques, and tools, as it relates to tying fish for our local Texas waters.  Talk around the table almost always gets into fishing, so feel free to ask questions.

The theme for September 24th is “Redfish flies.”

We will have room for a dozen or so tyers, with room for others to join in.

Start time is 2:00pm and we plan to tie until about 4:00pm held at

Cabela’s @ 2421 S Gulf Fwy., League City, TX 77573

Let “Puck” know if you would like to join in.  A good headcount ahead of time will make sure we have enough “stuff” available.

Another style of bendback

I like to be able to throw bendbacks whenever I can, but the buck-tail limits the size of the fly.  You can only down so small before the fibers are too stiff and you get no action.  If you use more flexible materials, they can wrap the hook, and you lose that weed-guard effect that buck-tail give you.  Here is my compromise.

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