Windknots May 2017

may featured speaker Shannon Branham

In the May issue:

  •  Monthly Meetings – May – Shannon Branham – Trout fishing in Colorado
  •  Education – Rod Building Class
  •  Outings – South Fork of the Llano River (FW), Fence Lake (SW)
  •  Outing Reports – Clarke Thornton Memorial, Joe Nicklo and Nicolas Lestrer in Colorado
  • Mark Your Calendars – June Monthly Meeting: Phil Shook – Yucatan; The Mini Expo
  • Eva’s Lodge Bonefish Invitational
  • Fly of the Month – Foam Popper Bug

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Windknots April 2017

In this issue:

  • Monthly Meetings – April – Jason Edgecombe from Eva’s Bonefish Lodge
  • Education – Rod Building Class
  • Outings – Clarke Thornton Memorial / San Marcos River (FW), Fence Lake (SW)
  • Reel Recovery – Spring 2017
  • Mark Your Calendars – Meetings: Shannon Branham – Colorado, Phil Shook – Yucatan
  • Alamo Fly Fishers – The 2017 Bud Priddy Any Fly
  • Fly of the Month – Crystal River Shrimp

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Windknots October 2016

Featured this month:

  • What’s Happening – October Meeting, October Saltwater Outing, Reel Recovery,   N. Toledo Bend Rendezvous
  • Mark Your Calendar – November Meeting – Outings, Christmas Party
  • Outing Reports – Clarke Thornton San Marcos River Trip, Green River Beauty
  • 25th Annual Dr. Ed Rizzolo Fly Tying Festival
  • Fly of the Month – Sam’s 1 Bug by Don “Puck” Puckett

Windknots October 2016

September 2016 Windknots

Featured this month

  •  A quick look at the 2016 Invasive Fish Round-Up and Carp-A-Thon
  •  What’s Happening – September Meeting, Clarke Thornton Memorial and, LA Marshes
  •  Mark Your Calendar – October Meeting / Cuba, Sabine River Outing, Reel Recovery
  •  Outreach – Reel Recovery and Casting For Recovery
  •  Special Event – Lydia Ann Fly Masters Tournament
  •  Know Your Fellow FlyFishers – Samantha Shriner
  •  Outing Reports – Padre Island National Seashore, South Llano River
  •  Looking back at…the July Monthly Meeting
  •  Fly of the Month – The Easy Hopper by Don “Puck” Puckett

Windknots September 2016 here

Windknots newsletter- August 2016

Featured this month:

  • 2016 Invasive Fish Round-Up and Carp-A-Thon
  • What’s Happening – PINS, South Llano w/PACK, Clarke Thornton Memorial, Contraband Expo
  • Mark Your Calendar – September Meeting, Sabine River and LA Marshes October Outings
  • Texas Council of IFFF – Texas Fly Fishing Expo 2016
  • Know Your Fellow FlyFishers – Chris Sumers
  • Outing Reports –
  • Activities of Interest – Reeling It In for Rett, Benefitting Retts Syndrome Research
  • Fly of the Month – The Simple Shad by Don “Puck” Puckett

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Notice to all members: Windknots correction.

May 19, 2016

Notice to all members: Windknots correction.

In the lead article, Have you heard, It’s Election Time!, the last sentence in the second paragraph reads:

“To be elected, all you need is to receive a simple majority of the votes” and, it should read

“To be elected, the candidate with the most votes in each race is the winner.”

Please excuse the error.

Chris Sumers, Editor, Windknots