Trout in the Classroom Update

Sorry it has taken a while for an update on the club trout tanks – unfortunately we had a rough time this year with hatching the eggs and lost a lot compared with previous years. This years eggs are brown trout, as opposed to rainbows in all previous years, and came from a new hatchery so its been a steep learning curve this time round. However all 14 tanks are still going and we still have 100’s of baby brown trout growing on and seemingly now healthy and feeding well!

2019 Trout In The Classroom Project

The 2019 TFF sponsored trout in the classroom project kicked off last week with the arrival of a fresh set of eggs from TU for our schools. Thanks to the continued contribution from TFF we are now up to 14 tanks running in Houston high school science classrooms from Klein Collins to Deer Park. The eggs are delivered and hatched in January and we release the fingerling trout into the trophy trout section of the Guadalupe before school finishes in mid-May. This year we have changed things up a little and instead of our usual rainbow trout eggs we are hatching brown trout, as part of a general change in stocking policy for the Guad that many of you may have seen if you fished the river this year and last. It will be interesting to see how the browns turn out when compared to our success with rearing young rainbows in previous years.

As usual I will try and post regular updates and if anyone has any questions or wants to help out then please feel free to contact me directly.


Matt Blyth (832 444 4206)

Advisory #1, Toledo Bend Reservoir – Operations

We fish here at least twice a year, but it looks like it may be a while before we can get kayaks or canoes into the river.


DATE: Wednesday, 12-19-18

Toledo Bend Reservoir – Operations

Persons having interests in the Sabine River Basin below the reservoir are hereby advised that on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 at 0730 hours, the reservoir elevation was 172.34 ft. MSL.  Currently, both generators are operating 24 hours per day.

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River clean up battle

Found this competition on the socials, not a hosted outing but an opportunity to clean up a local river with some friendly competition. Also this months virtual trash bash prize is an yeti rambler and an all water guides hat. Send your trash pics to ‘a very griff in at gee Male dot come’ or tag @allwaterguides on your social. Perhaps I can pick our own winners and have our own prizes!

I will not be attending as I will be searching for smallmouth in Arkansas for my three year anniversary. Enjoy!

GRTU Fall River Cleanup Saturday October 6, 2018

GRTU (Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited) is having its fall river cleanup Saturday October 6, 2018 from 9:00-11:30AM at Rio Guadalupe Resort (Rio Raft) in New Braunfels, Texas.  The cleanup is being co-sponsored by Keep Texas Beautiful which is providing all the cleanup supplies.  Hot dogs, hamburgers and other items will be provided by GRTU following the cleanup.

So, if you are in the area or just want to make a trip to a scenic part of the State you might want to consider participating in this activity.

Trout in the Classroom – Fish Release


The trout in the classroom project conducted the fish release for all the TFF sponsored tanks on the horseshoe section of the Guadalupe on April 28th. Over all the schools released over 1200 trout around the 2-3in long mark. We had several teachers, students and parents in attendance. This marks the end of another successful program and one that has grown from one tank in one school to now 14 tanks spread across Houston from Deer Park to Klein Collins. We will start again in early January of 2019!


Trout In the Classroom Release Date

As you can see the club trout tanks continue to do well. We have lined up a release date for the fish in the Guadalupe on April 28th. This was the only date that I could coordinate between 7 different high schools where most could attend – however we may end up having more than one release if needed. If any club members are able to attend the release then please let me know!





Trout in the Classroom

As you can see our baby trout continue to do well and are now looking like miniature rainbows, complete with par marks and white tipped fins. We had a few loses over spring break but the majority came through without issue. Hard to believe we are already getting close to release time and are targeting the end of April or early May as potential dates. If any club members would like to attend the release (on the Guad) then please contact me directly and let me know!