Shoalwater Bay, July 25th, (Seadrift)

Shoalwater Bay, July 25: Michael Quigley trip leader Launch from Charlie's Bait camp, 4194 Lane Rd, Seadrift, TX 77983 Contact Michael Quigley if interested Boats and kayaks can easily fish the area. Meet at the launch 30 minutes after sunrise to allow the vampires to go to bed.  About 0715. Meet back at the boat ramp at 1600 to see who caught what. More details to follow.

Garcitas Creek, January 2018 outing report

4 people made the trip to Garcitas Creek, the January 2018 outing.  A quick check of the water and it was found to be too fresh, so the group moved 5 miles to the Lavaca River boat launch. Garcitas Creek, January 2018 outing, it is happening The day started out cool and fishless, but heated up, both temperature and the bite as the day progressed. Small flies worked better on these winter specks. Here is what our participants had to say with pictures below.