Lake Bastrop Trip Report: Feb 28-29, 2020

The Lake Bastrop weekend trip was a success.  We had six tents with twelve sleeping spots reserved;  seven hardy fisherman attended, fishing and spending the night on Friday, and fishing again on Saturday morning.  Kayaks and a paddleboard.

Friday morning started off rather chilly.  Temps right around 35F.  It warmed up fairly quickly and was in the 60s by early afternoon.  The lake was glass most of the day.  The fishing Friday was slow, but a variety of fish were caught…largemouth bass, catfish, sunfish, and white perch.

Nighttime cooled off but stayed around the mid 40s.  Pot luck dinner consisted of red beans/rice, cole slaw, broccoli salad, deserts, etc etc.  No one went hungry around the warm campfire, and lots of stories.

Saturday was warmer, started off in the high 40s and quickly got to the 60s.  The fishing was slow and the lake had a lot of motorboat traffic.  Regardless a beautiful day on the lake.  Wind started to blow around 11 am or so, and it was time to head home.

A good trip, and we will do it again.  This is a friendly fly fishing lake, in particular on a weekday.



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