Casting Clinic March 28, 2020 -POSTPONED (to be rescheduled)

The Texas Fly Fishers will be holding a casting clinic for club members on Saturday, March 28, 2020.  Federation of Fly Fishers International Certified Instructors will be on hand for the clinic.  Details pertaining to the clinic are as follows:

Date: Saturday March 28, 2020

Time/hours: 9 am to 11 am (participants should have their rod assembled and strung up by 9 am so that the clinic can start on time.)

Clinic Topics:

* Loop Formation and Control-this portion of the clinic will discuss the formation of the casting loop, why the loop may have various shapes and how to create the shape of loop desired by the angler.

* The roll cast from the dominant and non-dominant shoulder side of the caster along with the roll cast pick-up.  The roll cast is one of the most useful casts in fly fishing.

Cost: The club is requesting a contribution of $10 from each casting clinic participant for that members participation in all of the casting clinics for the 2020 calendar year. 

Location: The small Lake behind the Walmart located at 9555 S. Post Oak, Houston, Texas 77096 (see the purple pin on the map below)

** Note: Club loaner rods will be available upon request. Also, an Evite invitation will be sent to club members. If you will be attending the casting clinic please respond to the Evite invitation that you will be attending or indicate in the comments of this post that you will be in attendance.

** Note: Casting will be done with a piece of yarn or other fiber attached to the fly line leaders-no hooks will be used. If you will be participating, please have a piece of yarn or fiber of some sort attached to your leader. If you do not have this type of material available, please arrive early and a piece of yarn or other similar material will be furnished and if necessary attached by one of the instructors. If you do not have a rod and want to participate, please indicate at the time of your registration that you would like to use one of the club rods at the event.



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