Brown and Root Flats Trip Report – Aug 29, 2020

Headed out in the morning..beautiful day

Trip Report:  First and foremost, big thanks to Scott Fossum for organizing and leading this outing – outstanding and successful event. No broken equipment to note, no one stuck out in the mud or beach, no injuries, and a good time by all.

Thirteen fisherman arrived at the launch point around 630am and began the prep for a day of sailing, paddling, and fishing.  Weather was outstanding, albeit the typical Aug hot.  High tide in the morning, up about 1.5ft above predicted, winds 8-10mph most of the day.  Water clarity was fishable, but not so good for site casting.

We scattered out across the flats for the day.  The wind laid down to almost flat at times, never was an issue.  Fish were caught by about half the fisherman.  Dennis caught ten, John caught five, Ron caught at least five or more, and others I did not have the opportunity to tally.  Most were undersized reds and trout.  We returned to launch at 3pm, to begin the story telling.

A great BBQ dinner at Phil and Pam’s place that evening….thanks much to them for hosting.  The fish tales got bigger and bigger as the dinner progressed.

Relaxing the day before

Sites on the drive

Sites on the drive

Ron’s sail is fast

Catch Ron?; Not gonna happen

Fish pics

Fish Pics

Double Rainbow on the drive home….Great trip







3 thoughts on “Brown and Root Flats Trip Report – Aug 29, 2020

  1. It appears that Puck might have not made the trip as there were No broken rods, No kayak flip overs, and fish were caught. Amazing job Mr. Eldred!
    Sorry I could not make it. I chose instead to throw my back out the Sunday before the outing. Still having lots of pain. I would have loved seeing Phil and Pam. I will work on getting down there soon. Not sure how long I’m out of commission. The x-ray didn’t look great, going for MRI Wednesday. Couldn’t tell you what aggravated the pain other than washing my car or doing some other easy chores at the house, but its there. Glad all had a good time. { GOLDEN }


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