Leaks in kickboats and kayaks

I know there are those of us that don’t use either, but here are some lessons learned:

  1. Pick up your kickboat every time, never drag it.
    1. I poked a hole in one side, 2 times already, and in the same place.  See the photos below
  2. For your kayak, use a dolly, or get a friend to grab the other end.
    1. I’ve seen folks drag their kayak through the grass, not knowing what was under it.  Glass, rocks, etc. can hide and cause you to sink later.a
  3. Oysters can actually cut through the bottom of polyethylene, so avoid them if you can.
    1. I made it a mile from where I scraped the bottom of an oyster bar, at the launch point, before my kayak filled with water and started sinking.  I had to walk/swim back to launch.  My partner towed my water filled kayak back to shore, after I attempted to pump it out.
  4. Wear a life jacket.
    1. If your craft sinks, and takes your life jacket with it, what are you going to do next? 


One thought on “Leaks in kickboats and kayaks

  1. Excellent information here Puck. My “float cat” boat is made from 1100 denier fabric which is virtually puncture resistant. But nothing is for always RIGHT! Also the info regarding your life vest is super important. If you didn’t have a buddy along (also important) could you have used your life vest to float your water craft and gear? Hopefully you left a day plan with somebody so that if you were unable to get back to the ramp they would have had a good idea where you were!


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