The 9th Annual Summer  Mini Expo, Saturday, August 25, 2018 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Come enjoy a fun filled day of: Fly Tying Casting Instructions and  Demonstrations Travel Presentations Rod Building Area Fishing Information Casting Games Drawing for Prizes at Terrace United Methodist Church, 1203 Wirt Road, Houston, Texas 77055

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Schedule of Events

9:00 am Expo Doors Open
  Fly Tying, Rod Building and Furled Leaders – Main Floor
9:00 – Noon Casting Instruction – Casting Area will be set up outside

See below for particulars

9:30 am Trout Fishing Patagonia…Easier and cheaper than you might think by TFF Members George Southerland and John Purcell
10:30 am Recent Developments in Fly Tying presented by TFF

Member Jerry Brown

11:30 am Lunch and Drawings
12:30 pm Hill Country Fly Fishing by Capt. Kevin Hutchison
1:00 pm Texas FlyFisher’s Casting Skills Games – Outside Casting

Area See below for rules and description of course layout

1:30 pm Barramundi Fishing in Thailand by TFF Member Andrew Jones
2:30 pm Fishing the Jardines de la Reina and Cuban Rum by TFF

President Marcos Enriquez

3:30 pm Drawing for Jackson Mayfly Kayak. Tickets will be on sale at the registration table for a $10.00 donation per ticket
4:00 Expo is over. Thank you for coming and we’ll see you at next year’s event!

Note: Presentations will run approximately 50 minutes. Schedule, subject matter and presenters are subject to change without notice. 

Outside Events: Casting Clinic:

Instruction, including the opportunity to make the cast with an instructor, will include:

  • Pick Up and Lay Down cast to achieve effective accurate fishing cast including shooting line to lengthen cast
  • False casting to develop ability to make narrow, wide, open or tailing loops on command and to cast in different planes from vertical to horizontal
  • Casting in winds of varying speed and direction in relation to intended cast
  • Casting to greater distance accurately including use of double haul
  • Salt water quick cast from fly in hand to 70’ with no more than two back casts; Also, seated in a kayak

Each segment will last approximately 20-30 minutes, the actual time will depend on difficulty of the casts, performance level of students and how successful the instructors are. During the clinic there will be two breaks of 15 minutes.

During the clinic, any caster who desires to have an instructor assist with a specific casting issue can approach any of the instructors not directly involved in making a presentation to work with them on their issue of choice.

All participants are encouraged to bring their own rod with line and leader for the clinic.  We will have a limited supply of rods for anyone who does not bring a rod.

Casting Instructors – Scheduled to be on hand:

Jeff Ferguson, MCI from Contraband Fly Casters in Lake Charles Andy Payne, CCI

Dr. Joe Burton, CCI and, TFF Education Director Gary Davison, CCI;  David Drez, CCI;  John Slocomb

The Texas FlyFisher’s Casting Skills Games:

The Texas FlyFisher’s Casting Skills Games is a proficiency based casting contest open to all levels of fly caster. The course consists of 5 stations with different objectives. Points will be scored (or deducted) on distance, accuracy and completion of situational obstacles in the fewest attempts. Bring your rod show off your stuff.

Each station’s skill is worth 100 points, less penalty for missed attempts. Once you successfully complete the skill, or run out of attempts, you are awarded your net points. The contestant with the highest score wins the Games. In case of a tie, the contestant with the fewest misses will be declared the winner. Note: A cast will be considered complete and counted when the fly line is delivered (your line control hand releases the line), the line or the fly touches the ground or, the contestant steps outside the casting station.

Registration opens at 9:00 am and will close at noon.

The Course:

Station 1 – Vertical delivery through a 3 foot square at 30 feet

    • Skills: Tight loops in a cast
    • Rules: The line and the fly must pass through the top opening. A cast is complete and counted when the fly line is delivered through the target and, the line or the fly touches the ground on the opposite side, or the contestant steps runs out of attempts.
    • Scoring: 100 points to start, less 10 points for each attempt missed. (max. ten attempts)

Station 2 – Delivery to a target 150 feet away

  • Skills used: Distance and then accuracy
  • Rules: The fly must land in the target, in this case, a laundry basket, in the minimum attempts. First cast is from the casting station, each consecutive cast will be made from point where the previous cast (fly) landed. The average caster can usually complete this station in 3 to 5 casts.
  • Scoring: 100 points to start, less 10 points for each attempt missed. (max. ten attempts) (nobody gets a 100 for this one)

Station 3 – Deliver the fly into the target, located under a table at 35 feet

      • Skills used: Deliver in close quarters
      • Rules: The line and the fly land in the hoop without touching the table
      • Scoring: 100 points to start, less 10 points for each attempt missed. (max. 10 attempts)

    Station 4 – Curve cast to a post at 30 feet at 3 feet offset from the obstacle (2 milk crates, or similar)

    • Skills used: Curve cast
    • Rules: The line and the fly curve behind the obstacle(lefty’s come from the other way).You get 5 tries at this one
    • Scoring: 100 points to start. Your closest distance to the post is measured. Every 2½” from the post is minus ten points, meaning that the fly must land within 25” even to make a score.

Station 5 – Perfect line at 50 feet. Two ropes laid out parallel, 2 feet apart and, the target is at 50 feet. 

  • Skills used: Line control, smooth delivery
  • Rules: The line and the fly must land between the ropes without touching them and, reach the target
  • Scoring: 100 points to start, less 10 points for each attempt missed. (max. 10 attempts)

Event Coordinator: Don “Puck” Puckett, TFF Vice President


Indoor Events:


  • George Southerland and John Purcell – Trout Fishing Patagonia
  • Jerry Brown – Recent Developments in Fly Tying
  • Kevin Hutchison – Hill Country Fly Fishing
  • Andrew Jones – Barramundi Fishing in Thailand
  • Marcos Enriquez – Fishing the Jardines de la Reina and Cuban Rum Rod Building:
  • Joe Nicklo George Sutherland Fly Tyers:
  • Alex Blaque
  • John and Shelby Carpenter
  • Andrew Jones
  • Lester Lehman
  • Don Puckett
  • Chris Sumers

Other Activities:

  • Frank Schlicht, Former TFF Education Director, will be demonstrating the art of building Furled Leaders.
  • Greg Akins, Texas Parks and Wildlife, will be on hand to discuss the TPWD Volunteer Program and, projects being led by the TPWD.

Also Going On:

We Logo Anything:

Joining us will be Terri Coteau of We Logo Anything. Terri is offering to embroider your shirt with the Texas FlyFishers logo for $10.00 each (plus Shipping and Handling, if necessary). You can also add your name for an additional $2.00. She will also have other items available, like caps and insulated tumblers, as well. Cash and major credit cards will be accepted for payment.

There will be drawings throughout the day for some great door prizes. We will also be drawing for the Jackson Mayfly Kayak at the end of the event. Be sure and get your tickets, $10.00 each, early.

The Jackson Kayak’s MayFly, is a fly fishing oriented sit-on-top, loaded with features to make kayak fly fishing more fun and user friendly. The MayFly has a versatile hull optimized for tracking, stability, and speed in popular fly fishing conditions and destinations, including tropical flats, slowmoving rivers, lakes and ponds. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by fly fisherman, particularly fly line management, the MayFly includes a myriad of design aspects to address the needs of fly fisherman creating the ultimate kayak fly fishing platform. Snagfree footrests and features, protected fly box storage, unique fly rod storage options, rod butt props for dealing with tangles, integrated and protected fly patches, and more cater to the highperformance features expert fly fisherman need while being versatile and stable enough to bring new kayak fly anglers into the sport.


9 thoughts on “The 9th Annual Summer  Mini Expo, Saturday, August 25, 2018 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

  1. I plan to have a “give away magazine” table set up. The plan here is to give our members a chance to share their old magazines with each other before I start donating them to the Veterans Affairs clinics/hospitals, and other local doctor’s offices. Bring what you have, and we can repurpose them easily.

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  2. Awesome time and thanks for all the efforts. Puck, we went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to try and find the tubualar mylar in the gift wrapping section but nada. Michaels perhaps?
    Matt Sherwood


  3. Casting games final scores:
    points” Player 1 2 3 4 5
    470 Jeff 90 100 80 100 100
    360 Matt 100 40 80 40 100
    350 Golden 90 80 20 60 100
    350 Avery 60 80 60 90 60
    330 Raymond 100 80 100 50
    320 Joe 100 80 70 70
    310 Braydon 60 70 60 60 60
    290 Q 80 70 20 70 50
    280 Mary-Kay 70 80 80 50
    180 Scott F 60 70 50


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