EDUCATION: Texas FlyFishers of Houston – Rod Building Class, 2023

Participants will receive basic instruction in the art of fly rod building and build a fly rod. The class requires some reading/work before, between, and after the two sessions.

Class size is limited to 12. (Preference is given to TFF members)
Instructors: Eric Richardson ( aggie87(at); 28I-3OO-826I)
Steve Edwards ( sedwards56(at); 832-8O3-8285)
Paul Robertson ( probertson1022(at); 713-4O9-90II)
Dates: January 21 and February 11, 2023
Registration deadline: December 15, 2022
Times: 8:00am-5:00pm
Place: Mendenhall Community Center
Cost: $20
(Note: A rod component kit will be generally from $80-$200 and rod building tool kit will be $160-$200. One might be able to borrow tools from a TFF member. Also there are a few blanks/kits that are available to class participants at quite discounted prices.
Contact Paul Robertson for information.)

To register for the class: email or call Paul Robertson (probertson1022(at); 7I3-4O9-9OII)
Curriculum Overview
Prior to the Classes, Participants Should:
• Order rod materials (blank, guides, handle, reel seat, etc.)
• Order or secure rod building tools (rod wrapper, rod dyer, etc.)
• Order and read a rod building book such as Start to Finish Fly Rod Building (from Flex Coat)
• Paul Robertson has prepared a guide that he will make available to you.
• Give thought to the color and design of your thread wraps
• Watch a few YouTubes (recommendation will be provided). Trim wraps?
• Practice making wraps on rod blank

Session One:
• Locate the spine of the rod blank
• Install the tip top
• Guide spacing
• Prepare reel seat and handle
• Install/epoxy reel seat and handle
• Install/epoxy winding check
• Guide preparation
• Wrap one or more guides

Between Sessions One and Two:
• Finish wrapping guides
• Wrap ferrule wraps

Session Two:
• Prepare wraps for epoxy
• Epoxy wraps — first coat
• Adding a rod deals and/or writing on a fly rod
After Session Two:
• Additional coats of epoxy on guide wraps

One thought on “EDUCATION: Texas FlyFishers of Houston – Rod Building Class, 2023

  1. Rod Building Class Donations

    Quite a few of our members have taken the rod building class in the past. Some purchased rod building equipment and tools, only to find they are not interested in building rods. Thus their equipment sits in a corner of a closet or garage unused.

    If you are one of those people, I wonder if you might consider donating that dusty, unused equipment to the class. We could then make that available to class participants on a loaner basis.

    This would give some a chance to take the class without the big investment in equipment on the front end. If they decided this was not for them, then they would not have spent all that money on equipment they don’t use. If they get the rod building bug, they could then purchase their own equipment. Further, they might have a better of idea of equipment they like or don’t like.

    Most interested in rod wrappers and finishing motor/stands.

    If you are interested in donating, reach out to me.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Paul Robertson


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