Michael Quigley – Treasurer

Growing up on the south and then west sides of Houston, I was always looking forward to finding a place to wet a line, be it Galveston, Clear Lake, Lake Conroe or some new location out of state while on the family vacation. To me, fly fishing was always something exotic and mysterious that only a privileged few could do. I had kicked around the idea of learning the art for years, but never made the time.

Mike Quigley – Treasurer

Finally, I found myself living in the area where my dad grew up, Northeastern Ohio. Using conventional tackle, I fished the local rivers during the annual steelhead runs but as often as not, saw the fly fishermen catching multiple fish to my one or two. Determined to learn this dark art, I purchased the video Joan Wulff’s Essentials of Fly Casting and a St. Croix 7wt combo. After a few days of studying the video, I headed to the river. I found a quiet spot away from other anglers and practiced casting for 30 minute so that I at least wouldn’t endanger my neighbors on the river. After I was satisfied that I could at least make a presentation that the trout wouldn’t laugh at, I moved to a hole that I knew held fish. Tying on an olive & black size 6 woolly bugger, I drifted the hole. On my 5th or 6th drift, I saw my strike indicator make a dice. Setting the hook twice as hard as needed due to nerves, I found a nice 24 inch trout on the other end of the line. After easing him into the net after a 5 minute struggle, I knew I was hooked!

In 2010, homesickness got the best of me and I returned to Houston. I now had a passion for fly fishing, but the bayous I grew up with are not known for their trout populations. What’s a guy to do? I decided to return to my salty roots, but found that saltwater fly fishing was a whole new ball game. Fortunately, I found a group that called themselves The Texas FlyFishers and found that the members were more than willing to teach this newbie the pursuit of pescados using the long rod. Little did I know that just a few years later, I would find myself chairing the Texas FlyFishers’ saltwater outings.

I love fly fishing and I love to see new entrants into the sport become successful. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to do that with the club and have made many great friends through this group of people who also suffer from this crazy affliction known as a love of fly fishing.

Tight lines and calm winds!
Michael Quigley

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