Don “Puck” Puckett – President

I have been formally involved with Texas FlyFishers since 2005, when I moved to Texas from South Carolina. I was a member of the Palmetto Fly Fishers there and the transition to tPuckBioPiche Texas FlyFishers was extremely easy since I had made a few meetings, and attended some of the same events that some of the Texas FlyFishers also attended.

In 1992, I met with my fly fishing mentor, Tony Marasco. He still owns and operates “The Fly Tyers Vice” in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. It was from him I learned the basics of fly tying and casting. He also taught me how to stalk trout and target bluegill.

When I left that area of the United States to go to Europe, his advice was “Leave all your other rods behind, and take only your fly rod.” Since my only fly rod at the time was an 8’6″, eight weight, Shakespeare “Ugly Stick” I was hesitant to follow his advice. I did, and for my last three years as a soldier I fished the waters in Germany, and France. I started by taking the courses required to apply for a fishing license. Once I took the fishing test, I was eligible to apply for a fishing license. The instructors in my class were bilingual US citizens, and were very familiar with the local waters. For the first 2 years I stalked trout and grayling.

For my last year in Europe, I hunted northern pike out of canoes and kickboats.

When I retired from the US Army, I found myself living within 6 miles of the Toledo Bend reservoir. For 4 years, Toledo Bend and the Sabine River were my home waters. I fished for largemouth bass, sunfish, crappie, catfish, white bass, stripers, hybrid S-W, and gar, all with the fly rod.

I moved to South Carolina in 2004, and added fishing for shad, and red drum to my list of targeted species. I also had the opportunity to stalk trout again.

In 2005 I had an opportunity to get reacquainted with my old home river, the South River, in Jackson Georgia.

If you’ve been to the meetings, you’ve seen that I am known for SCE flies. I’ll sit there before the club meetings and tie, while steadily carrying on multiple conversations.

I will fish for any species that the club chases, and plan to lead multiple Texas FlyFishers outings during the years I am in Texas.

As the Texas FlyFishers Freshwater Outings Chairman, I hope to expose our members and guests to the joy of being on the water, catching fish, learning new things, and enjoying the camaraderie of like-minded people.

Tight Lines,

Don C. Puckett
SFC, US Army (retired)

12 thoughts on “Don “Puck” Puckett – President

  1. Puck, I have a kayak I would like to sell. In order to do so it says to be in touch with a chairperson. Don’t know if you are a person I could give details to or not. Please let me know how to proceed.
    Annette Blythe


  2. Puck, will club post or notify members of a Go Fund Me Page to help a specific area of Grand Bahamas related to bone fishing on the fly? If so, I prepare /forward details.
    Thanks for Consideration, especially that it will go directly and bypass admin waste or corruption by donating this way.



  3. Puck, 2 items; I am interested in upgrading my basic tying vice to a good quality rotary. Can you post on for sale interest in buying and interest in comments re recommendations for great value brand/model.

    Also , any decision re posting Go Fund Me for East End Grand Bahama community?


    • 1. Send details, with pictures to my email, and I’ll be glad to help.
      2. I posted the Go Fund Me for the cause on the Facebook(R) page, instead of this one.


  4. Puck,

    I am a new member and I attended the meeting in November where someone said that a rod building class would be held in February. How do I sign up for that class?

    Britt Dearman


    • Britt,
      Contact Marcos Enriquez, Education Director [(832) 67I(dash)247I], Joe Nicklo, Instructor, [(7I3) 822(minus)8IO6], or George SU, Instructor, [(28I) 334(minus)6I44]


  5. I have my late husband’s fly tying desk, lap bench, equipment, and EXTENSIVE supply collection, and library . I need help with finding a new home for this stuff. Could someone from the club contact me please. I would really like to donate the collection to the club. Thanks, Kathy A


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