Report: Rockport chronicles, by Scott F.

Day 1
Launched to calm winds. Front hit 20 minutes later. Aborted plan “A” and went to plan “B”. Fished the casinos until front passed and wind dropped. Hit 4 spots. We got a handful of trout and reds. Nothing big.
Boat ran well and nothing broke.
Great day on the water.

Day 2
Fished Jerry’s cove and The Corner.
Dead calm start made for a 30+ mph cruise across the bay. Lots of bait working at Jerry’s cove. Waded most of the morning with clear water and intermittent sun.
We caught reds, trout to 20″, black drum and a flounder. Flounder will be Saturday’s dinner.
Flies that worked were Mohawk Minnow and a Spoonfly.
Fished a drain at The Corner, but the tide was still incoming and only a couple of hits, but no fish landed.
Nothing broke and no one hurt.
A great day on the water.
Home now.

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