Report: East Matagorda, looking for a kayak launch 2023-01-22

Q and I took a road trip with a few ideas in mind: Find a place to launch a kayak in support of Run down the beach and see if we can a place to launch kayaks to fish the SW corner of East Matagorda Bay Get as close as we could to our marked honey hole by travelling down the beach Identify any costs that outsiders, such as us, would not normally know about. Here is what we learned:

EVENT: Speaker, Monthly Meeting, Tuesday, January 31, 2023 “Puck” flyfishing for Texas Sheepshead

I know we all were looking forward to Ron's presentation. It is still going to happen, but not this month. And no, that is not my photo, but one shared by a club member. Here is what we have in store for our January monthly meeting. "Puck" (Don C. Puckett, SFC, US Army [retired]) and TPWD Angler Ed. Certified Instructor will tell you how he fishes for, and sometimes catches sheepshead, on the Texas coast. We plan to have some folks tie sheepshead flies before the meeting. A "give away" table will be set up, and if we can arrange it, we hope to have a few door prizes.

Silver King Lodge, Costa Rica, Outing Report 2022-10

15 club members made this adventure. Our scattered group travelled from Houston, New York, Colorado, Hawaii, and more. Jerry B. And Raymond L. had been there since Monday, getting some fishing in while waiting for the rest of us to show up. My hopes ere to be able to "boat hop" fishing with different anglers and guides during this event. It was a partial success, as we are creatures of habit. I was able to fish with 5 different guides on 8 sessions. For me this included a trip to the lagoons, with Jerry B. Our first day of fishing, started out slow. Not many tarpon were hooked, with one being landed by the Japanese family on vacation there. We were able to settle into our "ready" mode, and a few tarpon were jumped, but I don't think that most of us had our technique dialed in. CLICK TO READ MORE