Report: TFF Site Visit

7 Bluff Cabins and RV Resort

4251 County Road 348

Concan, Texas 78838

This week, May 23-25, TFF members Howard Finley, Robert Cowan, Paul Robertson, and myself traveled to 7 Bluff Cabins and RV Resort on the Frio River in Concan, Texas.  This location is in the immediate area of Garner State Park. The primary purpose of the trip was to conduct a site visit for a possible Fresh Water Outing for the club in the Spring of next year.  It goes without saying….part of this site visit was to also fish the Frio River!

7 Bluff Cabins and RV Resort is now under a professional management group, and many upgrades, additions, and landscaping have occurred over the last year.  It would be very difficult to find a cleaner and more aesthetic resort right on the banks of the Frio River.  We noted that the place was incredibly well maintained, and private access to the resort entry was secured by a single-entry gate system.  We lodged in Cabin 18 which is a 9 bed/3 bath river front cabin and just steps away from the river. (Standard rate $489 per night).  The cabin is bi-level with plenty of sleeping privacy.  It has a large kitchen with two refrigerators, 2 coffee brewers, stove, and microwave.

The Frio River is currently at low water levels due to the extended drought of last year.  We arrived with the river flowing at about 36 cfs, but by the time that we left, the river had dropped back to about 25 cfs.  At these water flow levels; wading is the much-preferred manner of fishing.  Robert Cowan and I did float a 5-mile section starting above the resort and taking out at the low water bridge on the resort property.  It was a brutal float with lots of portaging, dragging through semi dry sections, over and under low water bridges, and roping down waterfalls.  I would never do this float again unless the water flow was in the 45-50 cfs range. Paul and Howard went other directions from the resort, both wading and floating. I think that they had much more enjoyable day!

The Frio River is known for its cool and very clear waters.  Fish species are primarily sunfish, bass, and Rio Cichlids, and all were in abundance with a great many of large size.  The Rio Cichlids were not as prevalent, but they were some of the largest that any of us have encountered.  All four of us caught fish in good numbers.  Howard was the bass guru, and Paul was the Cichlid champ. The bass were a little stingy, though.  Rod sizes were 3-6 wts with floating lines.  A variety of poppers and streamers worked on all species with spiders and Rio Getter being big producers.


Our general opinion was that this resort/location would make a great club outing venue under two primary conditions; the water flows must be above 40 cfs, and the dates be in the early Spring and well before the start of the heavy tubing season on Memorial Day Weekend.

Tom Strawther 05/26/2023

3 thoughts on “Report: TFF Site Visit

  1. The park is suitable for tents too. I was there during the flooding a couple years ago. It was beautiful, but not suitable for fishing. I no longer have my whitewater kayak there were several Class 6 spots that would have been…challenging.☠️


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