Aug 21, 2022: Drum Bay/Swan Lake SW Outing

When: Aug 21, 2022
Where: Drum Bay / Swan Lake
Load Out: Swan Lake Boat Ramp:  809 Bay Ave, Freeport  77541
Start Time: Sun, Aug 21    6:20 am
Return Time: Sun, Aug 21  afternoon
Trip Leader: Taylor Guest and Michael Quiqley
Phone: (nine zero three) seven three eight – zero three one eight:  Taylor Guest
e-mail: taylorguest (at) msn (dot) com


This is a day trip to Drum Bay and Swan Lake. This area is just a quick drive from Houston, and an even shorter drive from Galveston. Great for both boaters and kayaks, the habitat type in this area is condusive for reds, specks, and flounder. Come join us for a day on the water!

The sun will rise around 6:50 AM, so let’s meet at the launch around 6:20 AM. I’ll be there a little earlier if anyone wants to get an early start.

The Swan Lake Boat Ramp is the best ramp for boaters, but still offers quick marsh access for kayakers. The ramp is located at 809 Bay Ave, Freeport, TX 77541. There is another kayak-specific ramp just up the road, which has even closer marsh access. It is located at 29°00’45.0″N 95°13’05.3″W.

Boaters and kayakers can launch from either location.

Before we launch I’ll go over the layout of the area and point the boaters and kayakers in the right direction.

No overnight accommodations will be scheduled for this, but you’re welcome to head down the night before. There are plenty of hotels in the area.

Taylor Guest will be the outing leader (

See you there, and tight lines!

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