South Llano May 20-22 Trip Report

Our annual South Llano weekend was a great trip.  We fished both Friday and Saturday, and the fishing was outstanding.  Granted it was a little hot, but the cool water and hot fishing made it worth the trip.  

We stayed at Bon Ton Roulet campground, with five of us (and a dog) using the two cabins.  Nol was her usual outstanding host.  Red beans/rice and brats were the main course for Fri and Sat, along with Glen’s famous cold (but spicy hot) slaw and Ozzy’s potato salad.  Couldn’t get better food at a five star. 

There were very few other people fishing.  We launched at 8am from the second crossing, and made it back to the campground by 4pm.  Lots of fish caught.  For those of you who have been on this trip, the river has “washed out” many of the ripples, as well as the rock falls.  An easy paddle.

Another great trip;  we will do it again next year.    

Hummingbirds visiting

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