2022 TFF Trout In The Classroom Project

Sorry this is a bit belated, but during the last few weeks we have kicked off the 2022 TFF sponsored Trout In The Classroom project! We have 14 tanks running in 10 high schools all across the Houston area. Rainbow trout eggs were supplied by GRTU and all have now hatched and are now in the alevin (yolk sac stage) as you can see in the pictures. The plan, as in previous years, is for the students to raise the fish up until they are 2-3in long (usually by mid-May) when they will be released into the TU managed section of the Guadalupe. This is the tenth year that TFF has been taking part in this program, in partnership with GRTU. GRTU also supports 12 tanks running in the San Antonio/Hill Country area and we are part of 1000’s of similar tanks in classrooms all across the country. This year’s schools are as follows:

  1. Katy HS (3 tanks)
  2. Paetow HS (2 tanks)
  3. Morton Ranch HS (2 tanks)
  4. Westbury HS
  5. Memorial Private HS
  6. Fulshear HS
  7. Foster HS
  8. Lamar Consolidated HS
  9. Lamar Alternate Learning Center
  10. George Ranch HS

I will try to keep everyone up to date with pictures as the program progresses. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a shout at 832 444 4206! Matt.

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