Trip report, South Llano River float trip, 2021

Some of our folks started fishing as early as Thursday, camping by the river.

Friday they made a trip from KC 150 bridge to the Curtis’. It was grueling. All of that group were worn out by nightfall.

Friday the rest of us started showing up. We had four in cabin 1, three in cabin 2, and five camping at the river’s edge.

Wade fishing at the KC 150 bridge warmed up our casting and hook setting skills.

Dinner was a pot luck with us waiting, and waiting, for the beef stroganoff to get done. Sausage, fruit, breads, and veggies, kept the hunger from taking over completely. Once the Dutch oven meal was done we sat around the campfire, dinner and drinks in hand discussing the plan for the next day.

We chose to launch at the second crossing, with a launch start of 0730. Everything was working fairly well. 2 pots of coffee were quickly consumed with the breakfast casserole that Larry made. This year we chose to once again do the livery on our own. Load as many kayaks on trailers and run up to the launch point. Unload everything, bring the trailers back, and have only one car drop off the trailer haulers. It almost worked too. Next year, we should be able to do a bit better.

The first pool had every single one of us stop and fish. For some reason we never do get by this spot easily. Once we starting catching fish, the pressure of the “skunk” was off, and the group was relaxed enough to continue downstream.

The float trip went smoothly, as the river was up a few inches, and most obstacles were cleared. The last of us were back at camp by 1600. Casting lessons were given to a couple of our members. Those 2 are now more than just competent, they are confident.

Sunday was an odd day. Most of us were just too tired to get on the water again. Four of us just couldn’t help ourselves and launched from the Bon Ton Roulet Cabins’ spot on the river, working our way upstream, fishing as we went. The plan was to fish until 1000 hours, then turn back, clear camp and make our way back home.

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