Lake Bastrop Trip Report: Sept 27-29


The Lake Bastrop weekend trip was a huge success.  We had ten people fishing Friday morning, six on Saturday, and two on Sunday.  A variety of trailer dwellers, tent campers, and day trippers.  Food was excellent, as expected.  Shrimp jambalaya, dutch oven baked chicken, brownies, cookies, pie…..needless to say no one went hunger.

The Texas weather treated us to a variety of sun, rain, and wind.  Saving grace was the bugs stayed home.  The trailer a/c provided welcome relief both in the middle of the day as well as nighttime dinner refuge.

Fishing was good in the mornings from sunrise to about 9:30am…then fish went into lockjaw.  Topwater seemed to be the favorite.  A good kayak fishing lake.

Given this is a warm water power plant lake, we will make another trip in Jan-March to “test the waters” that time of year.  Enjoy the pics:

3 thoughts on “Lake Bastrop Trip Report: Sept 27-29

  1. Due to a total equipment melt down, I had to leave Saturday mid morning and did not get to fish much
    at all. I have fished this lake several times in the past years and really look forward to trying it again early next year.


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