2019-09 PINS Report, picture heavy

15 adventurous souls made their way to this event. Fish were caught. Driving was easy. and the weather was……. Interesting. But if you want to:

Met at the Malachite parking lot at 1200, and started moving down the beach at 1300. The tides had covered the beach so a late start was definitely in order.

We split into 2 groups. One group went directly to the jetties (JG) and set up a base camp, fishing the jetties area. The other group (BG) ran the beach, chasing birds and actively feeding fish. This wasn’t planned but it worked out so well, that we may want to work this into the next years trip.

Arms tired, belly empty, and ready for a break, BG camped the first night at about the halfway point, close to MM30, after finding bait and active fish around mile 7-9.

First rain hit BG at 0430, and lasted until about 0630, soaking the camp, and delaying the morning fishing for just a bit. Most of BG were prepared for this, having the rain flies in the tents with them, but it still made for an interesting morning. JG never got a drop.

Breakfast for Saturday morning was planned for the BG as a “eat what you brought” but so much food showed up at breakfast time that we all were able to fill our calorie count easily on both days. Nothing was ever left over at breakfast.

The bait started moving in, right in front of the campsite, just as breakfast cleanup was happening. BG actually had to leave biting fish if they were to make it to the jetties in the hours left of the day, and still be able to make it back.

I hope to be able to add more to the story as I get details in from others.

5 thoughts on “2019-09 PINS Report, picture heavy

  1. If you have never fished PINS you need to make this trip!! This beach is probably the wildest most remote beach in the USA. Between the natural wonders you see along the shore and the amount of fish species you can catch in the surf it is amazing. The blue water that is normally seen 40-60 miles out is within sight of the beach, it looks like the Caribbean when you are looking out at the beach. All that and the Camaraderie of fellow fly fishermen it will be a trip not soon forgotten. Please make it a point to join us for Jacks in the surf in November or next year for PINS 2020

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  2. That’s my kind of fishing trip! Early to rise. Eat a big breakfast and chase birds after feeder fish! Glad it all worked out for you… Do you do this trip often, you mentioned “next year” just curious how many times you go out? Looking forward to Puck’s “Jack in the surf adventure” too!
    #TightLines #SurfFishing #TexasFlyFishers


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