2019-02, Harmon Creek report

Eight anglers made the outing.  Six in kayaks, and two in a motorized canoe.  Found out after launch that the motor didn’t work.

It was 34°F with frost on the ground when we started launching, but started warming up quickly as the sun was bright with clear skies.  By the time we got up to the first deep hole, we were taking off jackets, and gloves.  By the end of the trip, the temperature was into the 70’s.

The water was low, but extremely clear.  With the water so low, there weren’t any motorboats able to make it upstream past “Brighty Blue.”

The fish were scattered, and we picked up ones and twos, but not the big numbers we were hoping for.  Talking with other anglers, we learned that they were having the same luck as us.

Clousers and Cypert’s minnows seemed to be the flies of the day.  The fish wanted the fly slow and deep.

9 fish were caught that I know about.


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