June SW Outing – Fence Lake (June 9th, 2018)

When: Saturday, June 9, 2018
Where: Fulton / Rockport, Texas – Kayak Fence Lake via the Skimmer
Load Out: Skimmer Dock, 215 North Fulton Beach Rd., Fulton, TX 78358
Start Time: Saturday – 5:00 am – Meet up at the Skimmer Dock, Fulton, TX
Return Time: Saturday – 4:00 pm – Return to Skimmer Dock

Description: Saturday morning, we will be ferried to St. Joe’s Island aboard the M/V Skimmer for a day of skinny water kayak & wade fishing in the Fence Lake area. The
Skimmer can carry 12 fishermen and their kayaks. About 3:00 pm, the Skimmer
will return to pick us up at the mouth of Fence Lake and take us back to the dock.
Important Note: Be sure and remove all items in and on your kayak prior to
load out on the Skimmer and carry them on separately. It will make it easier to
load and stack the kayaks on the mother ship.

Trip Leader: Chris Sumers
Phone: (two eight one) six nine two – eight nine 62 – cell
e-mail: csumers (at) Comcast (dot) net

Sign up: Register for this outing on the sign up at the April and May TFF monthly meeting or e-mail the trip leader. Registration deadline is on or before 3:00 pm Sunday,
June 3, 2018.

Cost: Ferry Service aboard the M/V Skimmer will be $30.00 per person. Note: The
rate based on a minimum of 10 people. If you need to rent a kayak, they are
available through the Skimmer at $50.00 per day. You will need to reserve it
in advance. Also, tips for the crew are appreciated but, not included in the
ferry fee.

More details on this trip are here  June 2018 SW Outing Fence Lake

4 thoughts on “June SW Outing – Fence Lake (June 9th, 2018)

  1. I would like to join you guys.. I can bring boat an help take yak over.. I would have to launch at another ramp.. don’t want to infringe on his business. This would be a great place to try out my yak…


    • Wife and I drove down to Rockport to check on places to stay on 8th June. Here is what we found.
      The ones for 2 NIGHT MINIUMS is the- The Inn @ $135 Standard room (2) — 888-217-1426 and Drifters Resort also 2 NIGHT MIN. @ $130 Bungalow sleeps(4) Bayfront Cottages just down street from the Harbor, $150 3 to 4 people to a room at $150 361-729-6695, Quality Inn 361-729-5331, $160 2 people per room. Light House Inn is closed from storm damaged.


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