Bolivar Marshes 2018, report

Bolivar Marshes, March 15-18, 2018

TFF 2018 Bolivar saltwater trip stories

Bill Leary and Mike Green started from Stingaree Thursday morning at 10:00 AM.

As the house was Available to us early Thursday, the rest started showing up at Thursday afternoon at the Beach house “Playn Hooky” to set up sleeping arrangements and do some basic organizing.  By Friday afternoon, all the beds were filled, as well as the couches and recliner.

The original plan was to go over to Stingeree for dinner Thursday and Friday night.  That turned out to be too hard to do.  The crowds at the eatery were extremely long due to spring break, so we opted to feed ourselves.

Thursday night was chili with homemade bread.  With an absolute ton of sides, corn, salad, etc.

Friday night was bratwurst, and again, way too many sides.

Saturday night was fried fish.  The fish was extremely fresh, and the amount of sides would hurt a normal man.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings were breakfast burritos.  Since we had different crews cooking each day, the fillings of these changed every day.

The water clarity could have been better, but once into the marshes, it cleared up and became warmer.  Yates bayou produced more fish than the marsh west of the launch.

The wind was out of the southeast and started out Friday and Saturday fairly light.  This changed both afternoons, making casting a challenge.

2 skiffs and a ton of kayaks were used.

Fish were caught but Daniel Tatum and his son cleaned up on the Red Fish on Saturday.

MGM, Clousers, and redfish cracks caught fish.

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