July 2017 Monthly Speaker and Guest Tyer-Jim Gray

This months speaker is Jim Gray, past president of the Austin Fly Fishers and current president of the International Fly Fishers Texas Council. Jim has been fly fishing, rod building and fly tying for 35 years. This will be the 1st presentation that Jim has given to the Texas Fly Fishers, but he regularly gives presentations to fly fishing clubs in Texas, Louisiana and Florida. His job has given him the opportunity to fly fish all over the world, but his favorite places to fish are the Texas Hill Country and his native South Florida.

It’s this South Florida connection that Jim will talk about at this month’s meeting. For the past 20 years, Jim has been hunting for exotics in the canals that crisscross Florida. Everyone knows about peacock bass, but there are over 40 species of exotic fish that have a breeding population, and many of these are viable fly fishing targets. Jim’s presentation will cover the tactics, flies and techniques for 10 exotic species. He will even give you directions to local hot spots. According to Jim, “there aren’t many places where you can hit a local canal and catch fish from North America, South America, Asia and Africa, and the list is constantly growing. Just this month, three new species were caught on fly – arowana, red-tailed catfish and flower-head cichlid. South Florida really does offer something special for anglers looking for a new challenge.”

Before the meeting, Jim will be tying his favorite fly for exotics, a reverse craft fur bait fish in peacock colors.

So, come to the July 2017 we would be glad to see you there.

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