Coastal Brigade 2nd battalion

Coastal Brigade is having it’s 2nd battalion this summer in Galveston at Sea Star Base July 25-29.  This is a 5 day program for youth ages 13-17 who have a passion for the outdoors.  There is a highly competitive application process for the 30 cadet spots each year for this intensive, leadership development program unlike any other in the country. 

Along with the 30 cadets, there are also 6 “Assistant School Leaders” who are selected from the previous year to come back and serve in a leadership role.  There are also 6 Adult Leaders who volunteer their time for the week to come and serve in a leadership/mentoring role.  While at camp, the cadets are instructed by state biologists from TPWD, Texas SeaGrant, AgriLife, etc., and from fishing professionals.  All of the instruction is very hands on to give the cadets the most “real” experience they can get.  This follows the motto of the Texas Brigades “Tell me I forget, Show me I remember, Involve me I understand”Currently, we are in need of assistance with the Fly casting and fly tying instruction. 

The Fly tying part will take place on Wednesday July 26, from 0800 – 1145.  This time will be broke down into 3 rotations of 1 hour each and only 14 participants per rotation.

The fly casting will take place that afternoon on the 26th from 1350-1650 with the same setup, 14 people per rotation, 3  one hour rotations.

And then on Friday afternoon from 1400-1700 we will be holding a fly tying contest.  Last year Scott Sommerlatte set this up with two options, a beginner group and an advanced group.  This seemed to work pretty well for us as we usually have some advanced anglers among the group.  This will be, once again, 3 one hour rotations with only 10 participants(cadets only).

 Let me know what you think and how many people you think we would need for this.  Everyone coming to the camp will have to have a background check and a short online youth safety training to comply with the Texas youth camp guidelines. 

 And just as a side note, we are also looking for someone to serve as our camp photographer (doesn’t need to be a professional) for the week and a camp medic if you happen to know of anyone that might be interested. 

 Thanks again and feel free to call me anytime,

 Derek York

One thought on “Coastal Brigade 2nd battalion

  1. Hope you can find a few good men to help out. With the timing as such, we have an event scheduled later that week (July 28th – 30th) that many of the Saltwater types in our club will be attending. But there will be an abundance of freshwater trout fishers and fly tiers available through the club. Contact Marcos E. They should be glad to help out.


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