June SW Outing – Fence Lake (June 10th, 2017)

Texas FlyFishers, June 2017 Saltwater Outing

Fence Lake, Rockport, Texas

Saturday morning, we will be ferried to St. Joe’s Island aboard the M/V Skimmer for a day of skinny water kayak & wade fishing in the Fence Lake area. About 3:00 pm, the Skimmer will return to pick us up at the mouth of Fence Lake and take us back to the dock.

How to sign up:

  1. Evite link
  2. Email the trip leader
  3. Sign up at the monthly meeting

See the attached from Chris S.

June 2017 SW Outing Fence Lake

5 thoughts on “June SW Outing – Fence Lake (June 10th, 2017)

  1. Hey guys, I relocated to Houston from OKC a couple of weeks ago. I’m dying to go fly fishing out in the saltwater, but have NO IDEA what I’m doing.

    I signed up for this trip in June, but I don’t want to wait that long. If anyone wants to show a new guy the ropes, please let me know. I’m free most weekends, and can even try to make it out after work during the week if traffic isn’t that bad (I get out at 3pm).

    Thanks, and I’ll leave my contact info below!


  2. OUTING UPDATE – May 23, 2017:
    All plans are in place and, we have just about filled up the Skimmer. I will present an update on the outing at the May Monthly Meeting on Tuesday, May 30. I hope you will be able to attend.
    If you have any questions, you can list them in the comments of this thread or, send me an e-mail to my address in the link “June 2017 SW Outing Fence Lake” in the main announcement, above. Until then, Tight lines!
    Chris Sumers


  3. guys: I have a Buddy who MAY not be able to make the trip We reserved a house in Rockport, and now may have one bed open. If anyone wants to share / carpool with me only , your cost for weekend (Friday& Saturday Nights) would be $189…. full kitchen, fridge etc. 10 minutes to dock…Let STEVE know interest (sptomlinson15@gmail.com) As we get closer can firm up….AirBnB Coastal Cottages. Check-in is after 3pm. The address to the house is 610 E. Main – Lamar, Rockport TX 78382


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