Quick trips?

You suddenly have a couple of unscheduled hours.   Something got cancelled.  Somebody is running late. Something broke.  Or a number of other things could happen to free up some of your busy day.   If you just have to get out of the house and put a fly in front of fish, where do you go, and what do you take?

I grab:

  1. My green chest pack
  2. 5Wt rod
  3. Camera

And I go to my neighborhood pond.  The one without the sidewalk.  Hooking somebody’s dog on a back-cast is more excitement that I care for.

9 thoughts on “Quick trips?

  1. Greetings,
    Thanks for your post. Beautiful bluegill!
    As a matter of fact, we’ll be in Houston for a few days; and I have purchased a 2 -day non-resident fresh water fishing license. Since we’re staying close to the Bray Bayou, thought I would try to fool some very sensitive carp. However, I could use some suggestions as to where else I might find some accessible “urban fishing.” I love fly fishing of any kind although I usually go for stream fishing here in New Mexico. Any small lakes or ponds in the Kirby Place near Brays Bayou area?? I will have access to a vehicle for the two days — except that Houston traffice is a little scary for us!

    Thanks for any help.
    Tom Hines


    • Tom, did you get an answer? I won’t be able to help you out this time, as I am still in Colorado. But let’s see who can answer you by tomorrow after work.


      • Try Tom Bass Park, 15108 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77047. Easy to get to, and not a lot of obstructions behind you. If you are willing to fork out a few $, you could try Damon 7 Lakes, about an hour south of the city.


  2. Tom,

    Not sure if this is too late, but you might be referring to the Lakes of Avalon community out in Sugar Land. I fished there many years ago and had a great time catching largemouth bass. I inadvertantly caught a tilapia one evening. I was not into fly fishing then and was using a plastic lizard zoom lure hopping it along the bottom.

    Lakes of Avalon is a community that has several neighborhood ponds. The deed restrictions at the time restrict fishing to only those that live there, but no one ever came up to me and told me to stop fishing. I just remained conscientious of the neighbors — plus I was a lot younger then as I am sure adults seeing a kid fishing instead of getting into trouble was a welcomed site. Hope it helps.


    • Hi, Everyone
      Robin and I did our trip to Houston to see my sister and husband. While they did the huge quilt show, I found my way around to a couple of fishing spots. I briefly tried one of the concrete bayous and saw carp feeding and swirling around. I only cast a few flies to see if I might get them interested but had no takes. Ben, I didn’t get over to Suger Land but I appreciate your response. I did try the lake at Tom Bass Park and observed some bass on the surface. No response to a couple of dry flies but determined that they were probably chasing small bait fish and occasionally coming out of the water. They did chase a couple minnow imitations but no real hits there, either. I had fun even though I was basically “skunked.” Cheers and happy fly fishing! Tom

      p.s. If you Google Houston area and bayou fly fishing, you’ll see at least one good bass fishing bayou where there are banks of dirt, stones, and grass. I was unable to find out where and how you get to that place, but the you-tube video I saw was encouraging. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cP7AJx22AI0


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