Another SCE streamer.

This one is based off of Gartsides’ Fish Head. Tied on a B10S size 2

Jack Gartside’s page describing his version


Gama size 2 B10S
Size “A” rod wrapping thread.
Steve Farrar blend ®
Darice® Mesh Tubing
Domed eyes
E-6000 ® cement

  1. Wrap thread
  2. Tie in tail material in 4 very thin clumps, surrounding the hook
  3. Place a piece of tubing on the hook, with the material hanging over the eye.  Leave it long, as you can cut it after a few steps .
  4. Tie off the thread and glue.
  5. Fold the head back, and reattach the thread.
  6. Bind down the tubing.
  7. Lift the tubing up and cut
  8.  Use the thread to make a smooth head, then whip finish.
  9. Place a spot of E-6000 on the body, and secure the eyes.  Also use a small spot to secure the threads.
  10. Let dry and go fishing

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