Easy grasshopper

Easy grasshopper

This easy grasshopper has been one of my go-to topwater flies. It never sinks, pushes water well, and catches a ton of fish. What else could you want in a fly?    

Hook: Mustad 79580 6-14 (used an 8 for this video)
Thread: 6/0 or “A” to match foam
Body: Tan, green, or brown 1/8″ foam
Eyes; 1/4″ black foam
Wing: Fishhair, or similar
Marker foam: Yellow 1/8″ foam
Legs: Bound rubber legs. The ones I use come in a roll.
Glue: BOoger glue, thin formula, or CA glue.

To give credit, this is where I got the idea, and started tinkering:  Easy foam hopper, on Youtube

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