2022-09-05 report

Great day to be outside, but no fish came to hand for us fly flingers. There was no water movement all day. At sunrise the water was high, and into the grass. There was no change from 0700-1400. We covered a lot of ground but only saw sleeping fish. I quit counting the numbers of sleeping flounder that we woke, usually within 10 feet of our position. Around noon we tried topwater flies, and had a few half-hearted hits, but nothing hooked.

Oktoberfisch, Oct 21 -23, Kerrville

Oct 21-23 will be Oktoberfisch in Kerrville, held by Texas Hill Country Fly Fishers. Event-goers can attend hands-on must-know lessons for casting, boating, and fly tying.  Serious fishermen are sure to pick-up pro-level fly fishing techniques from guides and shop the latest gear displayed by manufacturer reps.  Saturday evening is highlighted by fun raffles and auctions for premium gear or guided trips and other goodies. See link for details: https://www.oktoberfisch.com/Oktoberfisch

Speaker, Monthly Meeting September 27, 2022; Saltwater Roundtable Discussion with Scott Fossum as Leader

At the September 27, 2022 monthly meeting of the Texas Fly Fishers, long time club member and experienced saltwater fly angler Scott Fossum will lead a Round Table Discussion focusing on saltwater fly fishing. At the meeting, Scott and other selected and experienced panelists will discuss topics such as where to go to fly fish for saltwater species, where a saltwater fly angler can walk in, what flies to bring to fish these destinations, equipment to use for fly fishing various saltwater destinations and other topics related to fly fishing in saltwater. In that regard, participation from the audience will be not only welcomed but encouraged. So if you have questions related to saltwater fly fishing, please bring them as this program will use an informative question, answer and discussion format.

2022 Texas Fly Fishers Mini-Expo – August 20th 2022; Casting Workshops and Casting Video Analysis

Below is the Casting Workshop Schedule along with information regarding an opportunity for participants to receive a video analysis of their fly cast at the 2022 Texas Fly Fishers Mini-Expo to be held Saturday, August 20th 2022. Details regarding the Mini Expo can be found in another post regarding this event on this web page. 2022 … Continue reading 2022 Texas Fly Fishers Mini-Expo – August 20th 2022; Casting Workshops and Casting Video Analysis