Sheephead flies

Reverse Green weenie based on the pattern that was developed and submitted by Les Lehman, Jr.

The original pattern is in Greg Berlocher’s book (Texas Saltwater Classics: Fly Patterns for the Texas Coast)

ISBN-10: 0929980190
ISBN-13: 978-0929980195

Scott Null introduced me to this fly. I highly recommend it. This is the fly that caught me 4 sheephead on the Texas FlyFisher’s 2014 outing. And lost even more than I landed.


Size 4-8 saltwater hook, darker is better
Black size “A” rod wrapping thread (280 denier)
Lead dumbbell eyes, sized to match hook
Rubber band, any color (underbody)
Died olive barred hackle
Black rabbit dubbing
CA glue

Fish this fly with long light leaders.