Report: Rod Building Class 2023, second session

The 2023 rod building class finished up on Saturday, Feb. 11.  Participants arrived having finished wrapping their rod guides between the two classes. So, the last day was focused on preparing guide wraps and getting one coat of epoxy on the guides. The class participants did some really good work and their rods turned out well.  Following the class today, they will need to put another coat or two of epoxy on their rods and then go fish them.

TFF volunteers were : Eric Richardson, Steve Edwards, Paul Robertson, Joe Nicklo, and Steve Tomlinson.

Paul E. Robertson
Ph.D., M.Div., ACPE Certified Educator
“Retired from work, but not from life.”

One thought on “Report: Rod Building Class 2023, second session

  1. From Steve T.

    “I trust all the rods look good today, are cured through coat #1 and ready for your second coat!

    Remember to “shave” any pimples, protrusions or missed fuzzy’s with a NEW< RAZOR BLADE, clean and then recoat as you did yesterday.

    Leave under rotation at least Four hours and DO NOT TOUCH for 24 hours!

    Any issues, please reach out to me or any of the other instructors!

    Great job so far!!!!

    Steve Tomlinson"


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