2023 Trout in the Classroom project begins!

After a lot of last minute changes, missing equipment, an ice storm and delayed egg shipments, we have finally begun the 2023 TFF sponsored Trout in the Classroom project. Thanks to over ten years of donations by TFF, we have 15 trout tanks running in high schools from Katy to Pasadena. Rainbow trout eggs were delivered to all the schools earlier this week and we already have the first alevin beginning to hatch!

This year we have tanks running in the following Houston area schools:

  • Katy HS (4 tanks)
  • Morton Ranch HS (2 tanks)
  • Paetow HS
  • Westbury HS
  • Pasadena Memorial HS (2 tanks)
  • BF Terry HS
  • Lamar HS
  • George Ranch HS
  • Foster HS
  • Randle HS

The students will raise the fish for approximately three months, after which the young trout will be released into the GRTU section of the Guadalupe river. Stay tuned for more updates!

Matt Blyth (832 444 4206)

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