Damon in December, 2021

Back to Damon 7 Lakes (2021-12-11-0700) Trip Description:  Come fish for LMB and bluegills with fall weather fully in place at Damon 7 Lakes. When: December 11th, 2021 (2021-12-11-0700)      date is confirmedWhere:     Damon 7 Lakes, Damon, TxStart   0700End Time:     TDTF (Too Dark to Fish)Trip Leader:   Leader needed (need to confirm)Phone:      TBDe-mail: … Continue reading Damon in December, 2021

TFF Coffee and Cookies, Tuesday, December 14⋅6:30 – 9:00pm

We plan to have decaf coffee and hot chocolate, along with a cookie assortment, handy while we visit and talk about 2021 and 2022. We plan to have a round-table discussion with 3 or more club members. The topics are still under discussion. There was a question as to whether or not others could bring … Continue reading TFF Coffee and Cookies, Tuesday, December 14⋅6:30 – 9:00pm

JITS, November 2021

Friday a small group made it to past the 20 mm. Nothing seen. Nothing caught. Rough road back.

Checking into a nice, large, AirBNB, the over to dinner at Snoopy's discussing tactics for the next day.

Saturday morning the plan was to get to MM 20 before sunrise. Easy travel and we made it with no issues, with time to spare.

Nothing seen as we slowly made our way to the jetties. Flounder (CPR) and something that looked like a juvenile grouper came to hand.

On the way back, an odd pelican maneuver got our attention so a stop was in order. This is where we finally started catching fish on the fly in the surf. Redfish, Spanish mackerel, ladyfish, whiting, and speckled trout all came to hand at this spot. Then as quickly as it popped up, the action was over.

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How to bid on the 2021 Auction

Find an item you want to make a bid on. Select “Place bid” This will put you to the tabs that take your information. After you make a bid you’ll have to enter your credit card information and mailing address (to confirm the card is correct).  Afterwards you need to submit.  Add the item to your “cart” This will allow you to continue making bids on other items. I think there is a sign-in requirement, but I don’t know for sure. If you are the winning bidder you’ll card will be charged the amount you bid at the end of the auction (Sunday 2 11:59 PM.  If you’re the losing bidder your card is not charged. You can also opt for text messages informing you if you have been outbid

Sabine Generation Canal outing report

Friday the wind was gusting up to 30 mph, making the attempt at fishing futile. 30 minutes of paddling against the wind, Ken and I gave up and packed the kayaks onto the trailers and went back to camp. Saturday morning we were able to get on the water about 30 minutes after sunrise, and immediately worked our way up to the rocks. On small Kentucky came to hand, so we went downstream a mile, fishing as we went. Some of the log jams yielded bites, and a couple of fish, but nothing earthshattering. Total landed, 8 white bass, 6 Kentucky, and 4 sunfish. Not the best catch ration, but the weather was perfect, and the kayaking was easy. At camp the cabins were clean, comfortable, affordable, and complete.