Brown and Root Flats – June 19, 2021

We will meet up at 06:45am at the Hwy 361 launch site. Brown & Root flats is a shallow bay of a few thousand acres with water depths of 6” to 2.5 ft when we will be there. Clear water and sight casting are regular here. This, combined with the grassy and sandy bottom keeps the water clear and should allow you the opportunity to sight cast to fish. The numerous spoil islands and some pipelines should provide ample opportunity to explore the area and enjoy a peaceful day of fishing. Be sure and keep your eyes along the prop scars, the fish like to sneak along these. Wade fishing in general has good bottom. If you’re in mud, move out and you will find firmer wading. Google Earth or maps show good details and can help map out a secret strategy

JSSFS 2021, report

The weather didn't cooperate, again, but there were almost 40 people, mostly families, that made the event, in spite of the weather. A lot of fish were caught, but the bite was slow. I don't think anybody was skunked. Quite a few first-timers came out to see what it was all about. Winner of the Event? : Picture below

Texas Line and Leader – Texas Council Newsletter Spring Edition 2021

As we near the end of March, two successful fly fishing events are in the 2021 record book; Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival held in Mesquite and TRWD FLYFEST in Fort Worth. Both of these events were cancelled for 2020 due to the pandemic. We also have Oktoberfisch 2021 to look forward to on October 15-17. This event is produced by the newly named Texas Hill Country Fly Fishers of Fredericksburg and Kerrville. Don’t miss the article in this newsletter about the transformation of two Texas FFI clubs.

Harmon Creek trip report, 2021-03

10 anglers sat around the campfire after fishing on Friday. A lot of fish were caught, mostly white bass. Yellow bass, largemouth bass, freshwater drum, gar, and buffalo also came to hand. On Saturday the rest of the crew arrived. The count I have is 22 TTF folks on the water on Saturday. The fly of the day seemed to be a version of the Cowen’s Coyote, in a size 8. There is probably a list of flies that worked that day. If it was small, and looked alive, it seemed to catch fish.

Some volunteer work, in preparation of the Family Friendly event coming up soon….

Some volunteer work, in preparation of the Family Friendly event coming up soon.... I know "work" doesn't seem like that ideal thing to mention in relation to fishing. Let me explain. We will need to set up picnic tables and do a bit of cleanup before the JSSFS For those that volunteer, we will have an opportunity to do a bit of fishing after we finish up. The date is now 2021-03-09-0830 as the weather is looking good..

John Scarborough Sunfish Spectacular, 2021-04-17-0700 (date locked)

This is THE family friendly event of the year! Join us for the annual chance to capture the John Scarborough Sunfish Spectacular Trophy and a decent feed on Saturday the 17th of April (date is confirmed) at Damon Seven Lakes. Fishing from the shore, but float tubes and kayaks are quite successful. Contrary to the name there are now nine different, unique lakes of good size that hold largemouth bass, tiger bass, catfish, black crappie, and bluegill. Catching bass in the three to five pound range is a normal occurrence. Twelve pound bass, decent channel cats, and twelve inch bream have been caught in the last three years.